Saturday, August 5, 2006


I went to the post office to mail some beads and jewelry. Stan came with me. As the postal employee was working on one of my packages, the other postal worker in the next aisle over was saying to another customer, "That will be $2.31... (she said it as two thirty one)." My eyes got big, because the amount which I was insuring the jewelry for was $231. And Stan, as my witness, saw me turn over the global express shipping form, where I had written on the backside as a reminder, "$231."

This is that weird stuff that just can't be explained.

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Burned House DREAM

I dreamt it was winter and I was walkng home from somewhere and I realized a neighbor's house across and down the street was gone up in smoke (Kelli's house...I don't even know if they live there anymore). Then another house a few houses down from theirs closer to our house was set back from the street and turned around so that their front door faced the railroad tracks. There was obviously a big commotion out front and I started to talk to someone who was a neighbor, although I've never seen her before in my life. She was maybe in her early 50s with blond turning white hair. We were saying how sad it was about the burned house, especially since they had done so much work on it. I asked her if she knew what happened with the "turned around" house, if she suspects that was done by the same people who burned the other one (assuming it was vandals). I was beginning to suspect it might be a conspiracy by developers to burn the block down so they can get their greedy mits on it, after all, it is in a proposed TIF district. She said no, that the owners did that themselves because they were in some kind of cleaning business that used their home address as their business address, but they didn't work out of their home so they didn't want people coming to the front door. Then I was in a house that was a neighbor house, but I can't describe it very well other than it had a big first floor with odd windows that didn't go anywhere. I also dreamt that some people we used to know in SE WI had moved into Lyle and Anne's upstairs floor and were living as renters there. Freaky.

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

No Apologies

Remember a couple years ago after the 2004 election, someone started an apologist site explaining to the rest of the world that half (well, only the half that vote) of The US really did strive for a "regime" change, and that those of us forward thinkers don't want the world to think ill of us because we're really on the world's side and not Dubya's blah blah blah?

At the time I thought it was a nice gesture, even though I didn't have time participate, and not only that I'm really sick of blog memes.

I've had a change of heart. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to send them a belated photo of myself or my dogs with a scrawled out apology note.

Mostly, I think the world still does think ill of us. Not only that, what in the hell do I have to apologize for? I. Didn't. Do. A. Damn. Thing. WRONG.

Apologizing for the way the other half of the population that votes is like this: Suppose you live in a somewhat slightly run down neighborhood like I do (Hey, our city deemed the area on the other side of the street as blighted! Yes! Can you smell Eminent Domain?), on a moderately busy street, with houses close together. Some distant cousins come to visit. They complain about the noise, the closeness of the houses, and the ugly old guy across the street who needs a manziere (bro) who mows his lawn shirtless with a noisy old gas-powered mower that needs a tune-up. Is any of this YOUR fault? Yet you feel obligated to apologize to them nonetheless. But why should you? So they won't hate you? So they'd know that if you had the ability, you'd live in a better neighborhood? But this is the hand you're dealt, you do the best you can with it. You can't afford a better neighborhood or house, and the unsightly manboobed air polluter certainly isn't your problem, you have a push mower. You are better than that. Please don't hate us, distant cousins, we're better than our neighborhood!

Screw that. No apologies. If the "cousins" don't grasp that idea independent of any apologies, then they're being just as close minded as the half of the voting population that supposedly put Dubya in office again.

No more sorries for me. I'm not apologizing for this administration because it's not my fault. I'm not ashamed to be an American, but neither am I proud to be either. I JUST AM, ok, and there's nothing I can do about it one way or another, nor would I.

I happen to like my neighborhood. I have an established perennial garden here. And I either look another direction when Old Manboobs is outside, or I amuse myself by it while I can because he won't be there forever.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Very Scary and Sad DREAM

It was maybe around 10 am and Stan and I were in a building downtown on the Square. I'm looking at a map right now trying to figure out logistically where we were, exactly, and I think we would be near Mifflin and Fairchild or Mifflin and Carroll, although the latter would put us at the intersection of State as well and that doesn't seem right. Seems to me this location has been in a dream of mine before. Very odd. Anyway, I was with Stan and we were in a building like a courthouse, except it wasn't *the* courthouse where he works (that I've still never been inside of!) or the old courthouse (that I have been inside of). I don't know why we're there, it's not for anything bad. We're walking toward the exit of the building, and Stan needs to stay behind and I need to leave, but as I walk out, the Square is filled with what I think is fog, mist and clouds and it is making a very unusual view of the State Capitol building. I call Stan and tell him that he has to come out and see it. The clouds shroud the Capitol and make it look skinny, and drifts around covering it. Then Stan says something like, "that's not smoke, is it?" and I say, "No, it's clouds, isn't it beautiful?" Then I realize there is something sinister going on, and I hear a siren. I then realize Stan was right...it was smoke, and the entire side of the Capitol facing us was missing and burned. It was like a scene of a war zone. It was very sad.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sometimes you just know

When a certain ebay buyer is going to be trouble from what they name themselves. People who identify themselves by virtue of selfishness and gluttony (i.e., "spendingallmykidsmoney" <-made up id) are just bound to give sellers hell.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Religion goes out of favor in 2037 when science discovers the gene that regulates fear."

Heh. I wish. Anyway, that's a line from one of two very good films I saw this weekend on IFC, "Happy Accidents." The other was "Walking and Talking." Both movies take place in late 90s New York, both involve relationships between couples and 30-something women who see therapists, goofy but well-meaning guys who are off and totally devoted to their girlfriends, and even cats and dogs. And I recommend renting both for a double bill. Now that description certainly wouldn't convince me to see them myself, but I suck at writing movie reviews and don't want to give away spoilers. All I can say is that both are not conventional love stories and both are filled with many comedic moments, but that's not necessarily putting them in the romantic comedy genre. Both are well-acted with great dialogue and very unHollywoody. Just see them. Trust me on this one. (Click the titles to read more about them at IMDB...other people write better reviews than I do.)

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