Saturday, July 15, 2006

And Speaking of Weird Father Dreams...

Oh, this is a good one. I dreamt George Costanza's father (Jerry Stiller) was my father! It was my birthday, and I even had a sister who gave me a piece of jewelry. I can't remember what it was, but it had interesting and pretty colors. Then Frank (name works for George's father and for mine as well) comes over and drops this wallet-shaped thing on my lap and says "happy birthday." I open it up and it's just a list of bank accounts, but I don't know what to do with it. Supposedly it's a list of his bank accounts. I think Stan was there, and I was telling him that it would've been a nice present if it was presented in a better way, and give information along with the bank accounts as to what to do with them when Frank's demise does happen. Like this, I'm really left in the dark.

As in the words of Elaine Benes, "Oh no, I'm becoming George."

I still say if I had to cast for my own dad, I'd either get Chevy Chase (I don't know what it is about the recent pics of Chase, but there is a resemblance...wouldn't know it from his old '75 incarnation on SNL) if it was a comedy, or if it was a more sinitster movie of my life I'd get Christopher Walken. Walken has this sotto voce thing that would work very well.

Anyway, I had yet another dream as well after this one. Stan and I were in some building...I can't even explain it because I have no idea where it was or what we were doing. There were a lot of people there and Stan was hugging two women. They were both a bit overweight (more in the Paula vein as opposed to me), one had brunette hair and one had grey hair...they looked like mother and daughter, about 50 and 75 years old respectively.. I had no idea who these women were or why he was hugging them. We were walking out of the building, and he was ahead of me, and as we continued walking he kept getting further ahead of me so that I couldn't ask him anything. As I leave the building he's practically to our car which is parked across the street and he's getting in it. I'm wondering if he's forgotten about me, and before he actually leaves, I wake up shouting, breathing loudly and kicking.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Biological Father Dream

I was at a house where my bio dad was living in an empty bedroom and I saw a man who looked like my father but was more like a double - dopleganger... This man was a muslem (as being different than my bio dad who is a christian) and was sitting in a bedroom near my fathers empty bedroom. He told me that R. my father - had passed away a few days ago and was burried according to the rites of his religion.

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A Clockwork Pink

I bet the Kubrick/Floyd Synchsters* never thought of this one.

Not to divert from the Sad Syd Story or anything, but here's a bit of lighthearted Floyd silliness.

I was talking to Stan yesterday about a certain work situation he is in, and I asked him if he felt a little bit like Roger Waters in the late 70s when his other bandmembers were very uninspired and a bit lazy, and he was the one doing all the work. Then for no reason whatsoever, later that night the image of Alex and his three droogs from "A Clockwork Orange" popped into my head. Yes, I know it is a silly bit of a sync, but I can see it:

Roger: Alex...the leader, and the one who the other three conspire to kick out. OK, so it wasn't exactly like that with Pink Floyd because Roger left first, but it was three against one.
David: Dim...yes, I know, that is mean, but who else does Dim fit? Yes, of course David Gilmour is much better looking, but he did have a bit of a weight problem and perpetually bad hair days starting in the late 70s.
Nick: Georgie...the actor actually resembles a young Nick Mason sans moustache (ca 1966-67 or even 1977-80).
Rick: Pete...the quiet one. 'Nuff said.


*Supposedly, a certain portion of Kubrick's Film "2001: A Space Odyssey" synchs with the over 20-minute song "Echoes". I don't know, I never tried it. The synch of "Dark Side of the Moon" with "The Wizard of Oz" was a silly enough experiment. I'd prefer to appreciate the works of art (Echoes and 2001...Oz is debatable as to whether it is art, but it is nonetheless an American Pop Culture (kitsch?) Classic) as themselves.

Stanley Kubrick also supposedly asked Pink Floyd back in 1971 if he could use some of "Atom Heart Mother" in "A Clockwork Orange" and they declined, probably because they would not have control over how it was used. I read that Roger Waters later regretted that decision. When he recorded "Amused to Death," he asked Kubrick if he could use a sampling of the HAL9000 computer from 2001, but then Kubrick refused. HAL's "Stop, Dave..." ( wink snicker) line is heard on his "In The Flesh" DVD, which I am assuming is after Kubrick's death.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Never seen before disjointed Arnold Layne video

Weird these things show up posthumously...

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Miner for Truth and Delusion

Reading news on Syd Barrett's death is sort of like opening a time capsule. Incongruous justapositions of a story of a man who dies at sixty does not include images of an aging rocker, but instead a 21-year old in his prime. These are the pictures one expects to see of those from The Stupid Club, the 27-year-olds...Jim, Jimi, Janis and Kurt to name the most famous. But Syd never got to be part of that club. He dropped out of the scene at 22, resurfacing shortly with his two solo albums at 24. By the magical age of 27, he had stopped performing. There are no pictures of Syd past that time, other than a few stalkerpics that show a balding old man who looks like a hybrid of Brian Eno, Aleister Crowley, and Brando as Kurtz, but those are hard to find, and frankly not the way fans want to remember him. Those more recent pictures aren't of Syd...those pictures are of Roger Keith Barrett, the name he was born with. Syd had died, metaphorically, years ago. All these obituaries are for the young Crazy Diamond, and not for the old recluse who painted and puttered around in his garden. Those obituaries for Roger K. Barrett bring up nothing related at all. It's as if he never existed, although the man's whose passing I am mourning wanted Syd to be the one to have disappeared.

"Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far."

Shine on, Syd, or Roger K., whoever you are.

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Last night I had this dream that I had 3 black pugs and one of them fell down the stairs and it was hurt, but it was still alive.

This morning while checking one of my daily online rounds, I was met with the sad news.

Syd Barrett has died.

Pink Floyd was one of the only bands I could think of that has not had one of their members pass away. That is no longer the case. I am very sad, and I don't know what else to say.

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Cave Men

Yesterday we went to Cave of the Mounds because we thought it would be a nice place to spend a hot day, and it was. It was the first park or historic spot in Wisconsin that we visited when we moved here back in 1989. It is a very easy cave tour, not a lot of walking or stair climbing at all, not at all like the natural cave entrance tour we took in Carlsbad Caverns last year...killer, that.

Once good thing about our travels in the offseason is the minimal amount of people who spoil the experience, unlike a weekend in summer like yesterday. Now I reallize kids are going to be there, and actually one young girl did ask some good questions, one being about how oxygen gets into the cave. But there are always families who have absolutely no consideration for either the wellbeing of their kids or the other people on the tour. As the tour started, there were loud cries of protest of "I'm Scared!!!!!" from the back of the crowd. "Oh great," I thought, "someone brought a two year old on the tour. Just terrific." "She's scared of the dark," said the mother when the tourguide asked what was wrong. WTF? Bring a kid on a cave tour when you know it is scared of the dark? Yeah, that's a fine way to acclimate it to the dark. The tourguide, who had much more composure and patience than I ever could have under those situations, suggested the mother bring her child up toward the front where she had a flashlight so she wouldn't be in the dark. What emerged was not a mother with a tiny toddler, but a girl who must've been at least in the area of 7 years old. Kid was also out of control, grabbing the guide's flashlight at one point, running around, and just being a nuissance. Kid would've done better at a waterpark or something. The mother seemed completely unapologetic toward the rest of the crowd, and put the blame on the father "it was his idea to come here" and implied they turn on more lights so pweshus wouldn't be scared. WTF? Caves are dimly lit for a reason to discourage algae growth and preserve the natural cave environment.

And that wasn't last of the untrained sprogs from hell. Stan tells me that when he was using the restroom after the tour, one little boy comes into the men's room, takes a look at him and says "I didn't know girls peed standing up." WTF?!?!?!?!?!? Stan did the proper thing and ignored it...I don't know if I could've...I probably would've said something rude back. Stan later heard some parent telling the kid that wasn't a girl. No apologies to Stan, though, no, no reprimanding the kid for talking to a strange man (who had his penis out of his pants at the time) in a restroom, no, nothing like that. What an ignorant little child to think that a man with a pony tail, yet with both obviously masculine features and a dick is a girl! I mean I would think if you're that naive, you'd be too young to want to approach a stranger (in a restroom, nonetheless). Didn't the parent ever teach the kid not to talk to strangers, especially strangers in restrooms? WTF is wrong with parents?

Well, maybe the kid was confused, after all, it was Cave of the Mounds.

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