Saturday, May 6, 2006


...it's just like whack-a-mole.

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Friday, May 5, 2006

I Swear...

...People should have to pass a test before they are allowed to buy on ebay. They should have to read several different seller's instructions and answer questions about purchasing, shipping, combined shipping etc. and pass the test with 100% accuracy (because it's a no brainer to follow instructions like these) before they are allowed to sign up for ebay.

Scenario: Seller offers shipping discount for all items won within 7 days, but all items must be paid for together.

Question: You want to pay for each item as you win them. Will the discount apply?

Answer: Duh.

Scenario: Seller ship to USA, Canada and Europe.

Question: You live in Tokyo, Japan. Can you buy from this seller?

Answer: Duh.

Scenario: Seller offers PayPal only as method of payment.

Question: Can you pay with your personal check?

Answer: Duh.

Also, prospective buyer (yes, folks, it's prospective, not perspective...that's like...a buyer drawn in perspective, you know, like properly rendered and stuff) will have to be able to read invoices and find the seller's addresses (if they plan to pay by check or MO) in the invoice. Yes, there is like a novel's worth of information in those invoices (not really, but they seem to act like there's so much information to read and it's SOOoooo hard) but how else would the prospective buyer know what to do?

Sometimes I am just not in the mood for:

"I can't find your address" (well, it's right there in the damn invoice)


"why can't I combine what I just bought with what I bought before?" (because you already paid for it and I already shipped it?!?)

Just not in the mood.

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 4: Land Visions part 2: The Most Beautiful Place on Earth)

Our family took a trip through Utah, and I had a remarkable experience in Arches National Park where I might have accidentally found one of those out of time - other worlds - kinds of places. Iíve recently heard that these kinds of spaces are common in the dessert southwest. Walking along one of the paths to view a stone arch I suddenly felt as if the air and land around me had transformed itself into another time and place. It was a calm sunny day, and then it was as if, with one foot step, everything momentarily changed into a darker landscape with the wind fiercely blowing sand around me. As quickly and unexpectedly as it happened this new land was gone and I was walking with my next step back into the calm sunny day.

It seemed as thought on a clear day I was suddenly in a sand storm and then back in the clear calm air again, and I momentarily felt like I was in some kind of otherness sort of space.

I continued along the path towards the arch that day with the feeling I had experienced something extraordinary. Iíve heard that many people have found places like this in the dessert south west and that Native Americans have known about these kinds of places for centuries. This happened to me around the age of 14, and what is also interesting is that it happened again a little over 10 years later while I was walking on the same path. Iíve also heard that what is now Arches National Park has always been considered a sacred place by the native Americans, and it is truly a beautiful land.

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DREAM with odd yellow building

I dreamt Stan, Tim and I were going for a ride somewhere. It was a sunny day, and we ended up by a very odd building that was colored apricot, yellow and chartreuse. It was very cheery and happy-looking from the outside. I think it was supposed to be a dairy or some kind of milk processing plant/cheesemaking utility. I turned around and Tim was slouched over, and I was afraid he was dead, but he was only sleeping. We go into the building and there were a bunch of guys moving boxes of fruit around on pallettes. Somehow I ended up on a pallette surrounded by boxes and I couldn't get out. I yell at some guy to let me get out and he gets mad at me, so I start yelling at him back. I could see Stan and Tim, and perhaps some other people who were with us walking away, but they didn't come to help me. Then I yell for Stan for him to help. I forgot what happened after that.

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Monday, May 1, 2006

Road Construction Blues

From the people that brought you road construction in the same freakin' location two years IN A ROW because they couldn't get it right the first year, NOW, a freakin' WEBSITE with a 2.7 megabyte (yes, megabytes, you read correctly) picture on the FRONT PAGE! Yes! Can we say


Like, what part of "resize this image so that it loads quickly on the site" don't they understand?

Like, that picture downloads as quickly as traffic on East Washington in rush hour.

I think I know what happened.

They hired website designers to do the road construction, and they hired a road crew to work on the website.

That's gotta be it.

East Washington Dot Org. No spaces. I'm not putting a link to it. Visit at your own risk. Travel may be hazardous.

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DREAM: Door County?

Odd dream where I was supposedly driving in Door County but the highways seemed more like I was driving down a mall, like inside a mall, but it also looked like a reoccurring place I dream about that in dream logic is south of Fort Collins. I kept stopping off at various stores and they boutiquey items like perfumes. I decided to try on a perfume. It said "clove." I can't remember it smelling all that much like cloves.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

DREAMS : Three Distinct Images

I can't remember the plot for this dream or dreams, but I remember a few vivid images.

One was that we had a much larger front lawn, sort of like the size of my parents' front lawn (not that theirs is huge by any standard, but it is much larger than our front lawn [they live in an early 1960s suburban development in a city in the west; we live in a 1900s urban area in a larger city in the midwest.]) The odd thing is that it really did look like my parents front lawn, except that it didn't have any trees and instead had vegetable gardens that we were watering. But it wasn't their lawn, it wasn't flat and level with the street...it was like ours, raised 6 feet or so up off the street.

Another memory was thay I was walking with Stan in some odd store (this store is a reocurring motif. I can't really explain it...they sell a lot of craft stuff, but it's not a craft store. Maybe it's a five and dime, but it's sort of wholesale warehouse-like too). Stan was wearing a cook's outfit with a white apron, and I was wearing an apron too, but I wasn't cooking, I had been painting and had paint on the apron. We walk by a group of 20 or so young women (in their late teens or 20s?) who were sitting on the floor as if they were exercising. They stare at us strangely because we look like cooks. I say something snide to them like, "of course you don't know what cooks look like because you never cook."

The final part was that Stan had said that during some time in the mid 90s he had spent a sememster abroad in Europe. I didn't recall him doing this, so I went through some of his records (I don't know what kind of records) and sure enough, a portion of them were missing, meaning he was not here. I then realized I was also married to some other guy (no one I knew, and definitely no one I would ever want to be married to. He was big, maybe 100 pounds heavier than Stan, sort of dimwitted and oafish. I had a black and white picture of this guy and he was wearing an ugly knitted bulky sweater with polka dots that were about 3 inches across. Who dressed this dork? And why was I married to him? Would Stan find out? Maybe the marriage would just dissolve away. After I woke up I realized this marriage dream was like those college course dreams that I have when I realize I've been signed up for a course but never attended, and I'm hoping that my non-attendance will somehow negate the fact that I ever signed up for it.

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