Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Corpse

Upgrade Alert to Raining Jasper Pebbles Destiny Triumphant and Rejoiced Forevermore

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DREAMS The Past Several Nights

I forgot the night I had this dream, but I was watching TV and they were showing some old B&W Beatles footage, except they were older, like my age. I distinctly remember John Lennon and I was puzzled how he looked my age because he never got to my age. His hair was long circa 1970 and he was wearing dark glasses.

This dream I had the night before last. Stan and I had met up with some other couple (no idea who...pure dream invention) who were quite wealthy, but sicko, into weird perversion or something. We're walking with them at night in a parking lot and we go into their house which is huge and filled with staircases. Some of the staircases go up to a platform, only to go down again on the other side. Purely staircases for staircases sake. There was one staircase that you descended like a child's slide that went spiralling down several stories as you sat in it. It was completely carved out of wood, polished, but not a fine wood polish like you'd expect in a rich person's house. This was more, how shall I say, rustic? ethnic? rugged? What it reminded me of are some tribal drums from the South Pacific Islands that I saw in the Milwaukee Natural History Museum...that texture of wood, except a bit lighter colored. I was having a blast sliding down this "staircase" although I had to be sure that I didn't veer off in some weird direction.

Dreams last night: OK, this is a really embarrassing dream, almost so embarrassing I didn't include it. I was by myself in some cottage somewhere...who knows where. Someone tells me they were going to send Clint Eastwood over. I say, yeah, right. But yes, Clint Eastwood knocks at the door...and he's completely naked. Either he, or someone else in the dream tells me that I have an opportunity to have sex with Clint Eastwood. I think it's some kind of joke, and I decline. Later, I'm thinking, hmmm...maybe I should've had sex with Clint Eastwood, after all, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. But then, if I told people that I had sex with Clint Eastwood, they wouldn't believe me. And then I think, why would Clint Eastwood want to have sex with me? I really wasn't in the mood for sex in that dream anyway, regardless who it was.

Later, same night I dreamt that Stan and I had to sell our house, but we found another house to buy near Milwaukee Street by the tracks (I'll show this area to you Stan, next time we drive that way). Although mostly small 1910-1920 era bungalows exist there IRL, this was a 1950s ranch, not boring ranch like my parents' house, but single story with some character, possibly some minor levels. It was white with red trim and some brick usage. We took just a cursory look at it and decided we'd take it. It was owned by a couple in their 60s. But we only saw the main floor. As we were driving away from it, I noticed that there was a basement level we never even saw. So we go back and ask to see the basement. The guy said that there are actually two basements, and one he built himself as sort of a recroom/family room area. There were glass bricks for the windows, but it was very bright for a basement. It was decorated in colors similar to the outside of the house with white paint and red carpet (which was in horrible shape, but that's easy to replace). I told Stan it would make a great studio. I didn't get to see the other basement before I woke up.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

More Pink for Stan

More Vids

From 1968: This looks like a jam of Interstellar Overdrive from the early days, but without Syd...just a little glimpse of David in the beginning. Too much not-very-special-effect graphics...just show us the Floyd.

A Plethora of veddy veddy bad home movie style incomplete snippets from 1977. Very Gilmour-centric as even when Roger's singing, they focus on David. And you hardly see Rick. But it's better than nothing, especially when it comes to Animals material. Just don't get your expectations up.

Us and Them
Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Have a Cigar
Shine on You Crazy Diamond

OK, these are odd. Sort of like an experiment in how long can you stare at the camera before you crack up:
Part One: Nick and Roger
Part Two: David and Rick (David looks like he's in ad for shampoo and what to do with those dry, damaged ends)

Atom Heart Mother Suite, Careful with that Axe Eugene and Saucerful of Secrets, all highly fragmented, edited and incomplete black and white footage from 1972. Again, WHERE'S THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW? I swear, sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that maybe some day I'll be able to see all the Pink Floyd ever recorded.

Posted by Ann on 04/14/06@12:31 PM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.

Someone PLEASE release the entire performance!

"Embryo" from 1970. What a gem...never "seen" this one before!

Posted by Ann on 04/14/06@10:55 AM CST ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What's going on?

Somehow some log files or cgi files got corrupted on my journal over the past few days or weeks. I have no idea what happened, but I had to reinstall Greymatter (ugh...going through template hell).

My old entries can be seen here, however Stan and I re-posted the last few days of entries in this latest version, as I thought they were too good to be doomed to the dustbin of journal history.

Although you can no longer post in those old entries, you can post in these new ones. I've also added emoticons (this is a new feature with the latest Greymatter) and a preview feature, which acts kinda wonky due to reasons I can't explain here.

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Covered Bridges Weekend

For pictures, go here. Click on those images to see them larger

The above link has photos from our recent trip to Madison County, Iowa to see the covered bridges. We stayed in Winterset, Iowa, birthplace of John Wayne, or so say all the road signs pointing to it. The man getting our room for us at the Super 8 (only place in town to stay as far as I could tell...good thing we had reservations...all booked up...horse show in town...yee haw) said several years ago one couple came all the way from China to see this area, either for the legendary covered bridges or for the actor, possibly the latter as all the wife could say in English was "The Duke!"

One very sad thing he also told us was that there was an arsonist who burned some of the bridges down several years ago. What kind of sociopath would do such a thing? Supposedly, according to the motel manager, they almost caught the guy, but it was a suicide by cop. He was found with a map and a kerosene bottle in his car. But from what I can tell, they're still looking for information about the arsons. If you Google Madison County Bridges arson you can probably find more information about it than I can write here.

Despite having spilled my self-serve coke from Subway all over Stan's nut dust (spilled pistachios), creating an odd decoupage of sticky coke-glazed nut dust on our maps that afternoon, we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. It's a very picturesque part of the world, nice to visit, but too small to live there. I hoped I'd at least hear a train go past our motel at night, but no train, not even a distant whistle. I mean, if you're in small town where the tallest things on the horizon are grain elevators, you'd think you'd hear the train. But nothing.

The dogs enjoyed themselves too. They love to travel with us.

Posted by Ann on 04/12/06@07:29 PM CST ..::Link::..2 Screamers.

'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 3: Sights and Sounds part 1: Yellow Beings)

My mother has said, "You were a child who was not living in this world," and she will still say it now if I ask her about the early part of my own life.

A day in the summer at 7 years old I was playing in an open field by a man made stream running through my Uncle Glen's dairy. On the mountain slopes in the distance I could see yellow beings like long slender animals walking among the pine trees. My Uncle Joe came walking by me and I asked him what sort of animals these creatures were. He looked where I pointed, but failed to see them, and I asked him if these things could be dinosaurs? He answered, "You're pulling my leg," and continued walking to where ever he was going that day.

After our short conversation I came to an understanding within myself that I could see things which other people couldn't find, and from that experience I reached a decision that day to remain silent about these sorts of things. Now, much later in life, as I am writing about these things, I feel unsure whether my decision has been a good, bad or neutral one.

Posted by Stan on 04/12/06@07:25 PM CST ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?

'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 2: corrections)

I need to make a correction to the Early Mental Meltdown sections - The teacher I had a crush on was my 1st (not second) grade teacher. The events in those sections occurred in 1st grade, but it is still true that I almost failed 3rd grade. I liked my second grade teacher, but did not have a 'crush' on her.

Posted by Stan on 04/12/06@07:23 PM CST ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?

Here goes...


... nothing.


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