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08:05:2006 Entry: "Ann : Burned House DREAM"

Burned House DREAM

I dreamt it was winter and I was walkng home from somewhere and I realized a neighbor's house across and down the street was gone up in smoke (Kelli's house...I don't even know if they live there anymore). Then another house a few houses down from theirs closer to our house was set back from the street and turned around so that their front door faced the railroad tracks. There was obviously a big commotion out front and I started to talk to someone who was a neighbor, although I've never seen her before in my life. She was maybe in her early 50s with blond turning white hair. We were saying how sad it was about the burned house, especially since they had done so much work on it. I asked her if she knew what happened with the "turned around" house, if she suspects that was done by the same people who burned the other one (assuming it was vandals). I was beginning to suspect it might be a conspiracy by developers to burn the block down so they can get their greedy mits on it, after all, it is in a proposed TIF district. She said no, that the owners did that themselves because they were in some kind of cleaning business that used their home address as their business address, but they didn't work out of their home so they didn't want people coming to the front door. Then I was in a house that was a neighbor house, but I can't describe it very well other than it had a big first floor with odd windows that didn't go anywhere. I also dreamt that some people we used to know in SE WI had moved into Lyle and Anne's upstairs floor and were living as renters there. Freaky.


Sounds like the dream is concerned with your worries that developers will buy us out and force us to move whether this would be better or worse for us.

It would be the case with a fire bug that there is something wrong with the methods and that some developers are trying to devalue property in order to save money for themselves.

I hope none of this kind of thing acutally happens.

Posted by stanley @ 08:05:2006:07:13 PM CST


Posted by Ann @ 08:09:2006:07:54 AM CST

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