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08:03:2006 Entry: "Ann : No Apologies"

No Apologies

Remember a couple years ago after the 2004 election, someone started an apologist site explaining to the rest of the world that half (well, only the half that vote) of The US really did strive for a "regime" change, and that those of us forward thinkers don't want the world to think ill of us because we're really on the world's side and not Dubya's blah blah blah?

At the time I thought it was a nice gesture, even though I didn't have time participate, and not only that I'm really sick of blog memes.

I've had a change of heart. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to send them a belated photo of myself or my dogs with a scrawled out apology note.

Mostly, I think the world still does think ill of us. Not only that, what in the hell do I have to apologize for? I. Didn't. Do. A. Damn. Thing. WRONG.

Apologizing for the way the other half of the population that votes is like this: Suppose you live in a somewhat slightly run down neighborhood like I do (Hey, our city deemed the area on the other side of the street as blighted! Yes! Can you smell Eminent Domain?), on a moderately busy street, with houses close together. Some distant cousins come to visit. They complain about the noise, the closeness of the houses, and the ugly old guy across the street who needs a manziere (bro) who mows his lawn shirtless with a noisy old gas-powered mower that needs a tune-up. Is any of this YOUR fault? Yet you feel obligated to apologize to them nonetheless. But why should you? So they won't hate you? So they'd know that if you had the ability, you'd live in a better neighborhood? But this is the hand you're dealt, you do the best you can with it. You can't afford a better neighborhood or house, and the unsightly manboobed air polluter certainly isn't your problem, you have a push mower. You are better than that. Please don't hate us, distant cousins, we're better than our neighborhood!

Screw that. No apologies. If the "cousins" don't grasp that idea independent of any apologies, then they're being just as close minded as the half of the voting population that supposedly put Dubya in office again.

No more sorries for me. I'm not apologizing for this administration because it's not my fault. I'm not ashamed to be an American, but neither am I proud to be either. I JUST AM, ok, and there's nothing I can do about it one way or another, nor would I.

I happen to like my neighborhood. I have an established perennial garden here. And I either look another direction when Old Manboobs is outside, or I amuse myself by it while I can because he won't be there forever.


Instead of apologizing, people should rather do something concrete.

Hehe, I remember the Seinfeld episode where George's father and Kramer starts the manziere business.

Posted by N @ 08:04:2006:01:26 PM CST

But what can we do? I mean I already feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends. I vote, but that's all I CAN do, know what I mean? Political activism is for those who can afford to do it or those who have time. I work from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep, not to just keep my head above water, but so that my sinking isn't that deep. I don't even have time to fucking exercise anymore. And I don't think I'm alone in this situation.

Posted by Ann @ 08:04:2006:01:32 PM CST

I like the 'no apologizing' it is very courageous and a strong position to take - in that it admits so much of life is out of our ability to control or even influence.

I think it is far more important for each and all of us to be more concerned with the conficts and wars within our own being than be become preoccupied with changing the exterior and political world. I believe all of the people who are making violence and war in this world are the ones who are losers in thier own interior wars. Mostly these kinds of people have lost their own inter conflicet by defalt, by trying to ignore their own interior worlds.

The people who are running this nation down the paths of war can not be stopped with words in a blog. They are evil men and women and I can neither stop nor appologize for them.

Posted by stanley @ 08:04:2006:05:56 PM CST

he said it, didn't he! wink

Posted by Dawn @ 08:05:2006:12:11 AM CST

Those who have time to make pages to apologize obviously have some time on their hands.
One can have political influence just by flagging one's view on things in one's surroundings. If one change one mind, one has received something. Maybe someone vote differently the next time or join an organisation.
To say one is not responsible, and just let everything flow, is a position I can't understand. We are of course responsible, not neccesarily as individuals, but as humans, for how our society and political system work.
It seem kind of navelsearching to be occupied with changing one's interior instead of trying to make changes to an exterior that influence and take many other living beings, whether they are humans or other animals, life. Though it's a good thought that if one do some housecleaning in one's mind, one would be "kind" to others.
Unfortunately I believe most actions taken from western governments, whether these governements are north-american or european, are based on economical interests, and the average man isn't interested in having it different. Our strong economy depend on oppression of others, mainly Africa, south-america and parts of Asia and eastern-europe.
If one believe another world is possible, one shouldn't give up just because it seem utopic.
Ok, maybe it seem now as I totally disagree with all you say, but I actually don't.

Posted by Nikolas @ 08:05:2006:05:27 AM CST

Ok, just so it's said: I'm member of organisations and a political party, but I don't do very much, I'm afraid. To be honest I guess I would prefer to play guitar all day. So it's not that I think I'm any better than the next man. Rather the oposite.

Posted by Nikolas @ 08:05:2006:06:11 AM CST

A poor working class person (I'm not talking 9-5ers here) spends too much time at work and has too little money to be part of an organization which takes your money, nor do they have the time to be involved volunteering. They can't exactly take off lunch to go to a peace rally...SOMETIMES THEY DON'T GET A FUCKING LUNCH LIKE MY HUSBAND.

I work from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, 5 days a week, and extra hours on weekends as a self-employed person and have no $ to show for it, other than I haven't killed myself either by my own hands or by illness by working for an employer.

All I can do is find it in myself to keep abreast of current events by watching to/listening to the news while I work so that I can make reasonably informed decisions and turn out to vote.

Those with extra mouths to feed (i.e., kids) have even less available resources than we do. To expect those of us who are already oppressed by economics to give even more of ourselves is unrealistic if there is no support system in place. If you have a support system, it's one thing, but without one, you're on your own. You're a fucking coyote in the woods and there's only one thing and that is your immediate survival.

I have no support system, except for Stan, and likewise he has me.

Fate has more influence over our lives than we have to influence them themselves. (This is by no means me saying I believe in God, because I don't...I'm just talking fate, not divine intervention). We can make all these great decisions that we think will better ourselves, and on paper, yes, the decisions look good. But that doesn't mean some alcoholic professor or angry sexually repressed boss of psycho killer aquaintance can't change that all in the wink of an eye by becoming involved in our lives. And anyone that says differently obviously lives a life with a support system that can easily get them out. Either that, or they've never taken any chances and live their lives along one path and never try anything different.

Posted by Ann @ 08:05:2006:07:32 AM CST

Off topic, but not really. About Support Systems:

So about a decade or so ago someone who just had a kid was asking me about whether I was considering it. I would say that perhaps that was the closest I ever was to considering it, which wasn't a very strong consideration at all. It was just a thought that ran through my mind and quickly exited out the locked door. I told her that it costs so much money to have a kid and that we wouldnn't be able to afford to buy even the basic stuff for it. She said "yeah, but when you have a kid, people give you so much stuff."

Uh huh. And who are these people that just bestow stuff on you? Maybe that was in her life, but it's not in mine.

This is what I mean by people who have a safety net in place , hell, not just one safety net, but a network of nets, have absolutely NO IDEA what it's like to live on the other side of the safety net where there is nothing to catch you if you fall, so you'll be damned if you jump off *that* cliff! You already jumped off another cliff of hopes...fortunately you landed on a ledge no thanks to a net, but thanks to your own strength. So that's where you stake your claim. You're not listening to what they say anymore because in their world it's truth, but in your world it's lies.

Posted by Ann @ 08:05:2006:08:21 AM CST

Ok, I withdraw my comments and move on smile

Posted by Nikolas @ 08:05:2006:01:22 PM CST

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