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08:02:2006 Entry: "Ann : Very Scary and Sad DREAM"

Very Scary and Sad DREAM

It was maybe around 10 am and Stan and I were in a building downtown on the Square. I'm looking at a map right now trying to figure out logistically where we were, exactly, and I think we would be near Mifflin and Fairchild or Mifflin and Carroll, although the latter would put us at the intersection of State as well and that doesn't seem right. Seems to me this location has been in a dream of mine before. Very odd. Anyway, I was with Stan and we were in a building like a courthouse, except it wasn't *the* courthouse where he works (that I've still never been inside of!) or the old courthouse (that I have been inside of). I don't know why we're there, it's not for anything bad. We're walking toward the exit of the building, and Stan needs to stay behind and I need to leave, but as I walk out, the Square is filled with what I think is fog, mist and clouds and it is making a very unusual view of the State Capitol building. I call Stan and tell him that he has to come out and see it. The clouds shroud the Capitol and make it look skinny, and drifts around covering it. Then Stan says something like, "that's not smoke, is it?" and I say, "No, it's clouds, isn't it beautiful?" Then I realize there is something sinister going on, and I hear a siren. I then realize Stan was right...it was smoke, and the entire side of the Capitol facing us was missing and burned. It was like a scene of a war zone. It was very sad.


Very sad, that would be very sad.

Posted by stanley @ 08:02:2006:06:47 PM CST

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By Ann @ 05:19 AM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.

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