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08:02:2006 Entry: "Ann : Sometimes you just know"

Sometimes you just know

When a certain ebay buyer is going to be trouble from what they name themselves. People who identify themselves by virtue of selfishness and gluttony (i.e., "spendingallmykidsmoney" <-made up id) are just bound to give sellers hell.


They're out there... therrrr rrreally out there.

Posted by stanley @ 08:01:2006:07:16 PM CST

And they always claim they're disabled too, and if they're not disabled, that they had their computer crash and were unable to get online for an entire week (um...there are things called libraries, friends, neighbors, that have computers).

Posted by Ann @ 08:02:2006:05:49 AM CST

"spendingallmykidsmoney" reminds me of a bumper sticker I used to see frequently on large RVs a few years ago "We're spending our kid's inheritance." For the longest time I thought the people were concerned about the federal deficit. duhhhh

Posted by greenthumb @ 08:02:2006:01:13 PM CST

I've seen those bumperstickers too. Personally, they make me sick. Not only are they driving those huge "30 gallons to the mile" (words courtesy The Dead Kennedys) Winnebago Warrior road hogs, but it's like they're proud of it. Not that I think they should sit at home in rocking chairs and save every penny in their golden years when they can afford to take some trips...they should enjoy life. But to be so arrogant about "spending their kids inheritance" in such an environmentally unfriendly way to boot...grr...I could go on...

Posted by Ann @ 08:02:2006:01:25 PM CST

Did you ever see some investigative report (it was maybe about 10 years ago or so? 8, 5 years ago?) about this couple who were driving an RV out west and something malfunctioned (I forgot exactly what happened) that caused them to drag something along in the back. The friction of the thing dragging against the asphalt caused sparks, and it being during a draught or just a hot day out west the sparks caught fire and caught this thing that they were dragging on fire, which also caused a HUGE fire along the highway for MILES, and they kept driving along, totally unaware that this was happening! It was unbelievable!

Posted by Ann @ 08:02:2006:01:30 PM CST

I hadn't heard of that, but I've sure heard of sparks causing fires. Several around here in the last few years. In one case I think the person was welding. In another case the person had a big roaster (like you'd roast a whole pig in) and he rented it out. And he was taking it back on his trailer or pickup and some live coals fell out and started a fire. (Not sparks in that case.) Both very unfortunately cases. It's so hot and dry out here I'm surprised the entire state hasn't burst into flames - especially with all the dead trees in the mtns.

Your Dead Kennedy quote reminds me of something my uncle says about the big boats down in Florida. Something like "it's not miles per gallon but gallons per mile."

Posted by greenthumb @ 08:02:2006:01:41 PM CST

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