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08:01:2006 Entry: "Ann : "Religion goes out of favor in 2037 when science discovers the gene that regulates fear.""

"Religion goes out of favor in 2037 when science discovers the gene that regulates fear."

Heh. I wish. Anyway, that's a line from one of two very good films I saw this weekend on IFC, "Happy Accidents." The other was "Walking and Talking." Both movies take place in late 90s New York, both involve relationships between couples and 30-something women who see therapists, goofy but well-meaning guys who are off and totally devoted to their girlfriends, and even cats and dogs. And I recommend renting both for a double bill. Now that description certainly wouldn't convince me to see them myself, but I suck at writing movie reviews and don't want to give away spoilers. All I can say is that both are not conventional love stories and both are filled with many comedic moments, but that's not necessarily putting them in the romantic comedy genre. Both are well-acted with great dialogue and very unHollywoody. Just see them. Trust me on this one. (Click the titles to read more about them at IMDB...other people write better reviews than I do.)


There were both wonderful movies. I think it would be fair to say that they both show the emotional experiences women have to go through with male companionship.

It is a wonder that women don't simply give up on us crazy and nutty male brains.

I especially like the way the 'time reality' of Happy Accidents is completely conviencing and even when the movie is over the 'time reality' remains completely plausable and possible to be true even in conjunction with the more believable time line of the relationship. You would have to see the movie to understand how the 2 time realities are working together and both have explinations to explain the other 'time reality'. Sort of sci-fie without going completely into the wierd zone.

Posted by stanley @ 08:01:2006:07:24 PM CST

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By Ann @ 20:24 PM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.

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