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08:10:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs, Storms, and The Ugly Americans"

DREAMs, Storms, and The Ugly Americans

The only dream I remember today was early this morning I overheard someone say "Merry Christmas" and I was confused because how could it be Christmas when I haven't even taken my fall vacation yet?

The night before last I had a dream that Stan's mom and aunt lived in a building that was partially a department store. They each had separate but connected units as they do IRL with their duplex. I also was walking through the department store and was accompanied on an escalator by a young man who was maybe teenaged. I remember knocking on the door of my MIL but she wouldn't answer, so knocked on the door next to it which was (my AIL?) her sister's. She answered and I went in, but the entry room was a bathroom that was somehow similar to my grandmother's bathroom.


Here are some articles on the storm that came through our city yesterday.


Last night Stan and I went to Bunky's. We had the same waiter that I had when I went there with Tim last month. Tim had asked him if he was the owner...heh. I think possibly he is of European Mediterranean (possibly Italian) descent, as he had an accent. There was a (loud man) couple sitting behind us who was most fascinated by this phenomenon (they don't get out much, I guess). I really wasn't eavesdropping, but they were so loud I couldn't help overhear them say, "Should we ask him how he got here?" WTF? OK, I can maybe see asking him where he is from out of curiosity, but HOW HE GOT HERE? The context was such that they were dubious as to his "legality" as a citizen. WTF? When the waiter returned, the question went something like:

"Can we ask you something in confidentiality?" (Yeah...like I'd believe it'd stay confidential)

I couldn't hear what the waiter said as he was much more toned down than the loud man, but they went on to say something like:

"My wife here thinks that all immigrants got here illegally."


Then they asked him some more prying questions--what is one supposed to do as a waiter, not respond and risk getting stiffed on the tip--like how long he's been living here. The waiter said he'd been here for 15 years. Astounded, Mr. Loud said "You must have been a baby when you came over!" Duh, meathead, if he was a baby he'd only be a teenager. Does he look like a teenager to you? (I took him for being maybe in his mid to late 20s...Stan thought maybe around 30). Also, do you think he'd have an accent if he came over as a baby? Not bloody likely! I hate that patronizing attitude of guys like Mr. Loud who think shorter, slighter people (as many people from southern Europe frequently are compared to cornfed all-beef Americans) are young when they're not.

I'd like to know how this couple got into Madison, a seemingly highly educated liberal city, with that yahoo sort of outlook. I wonder if they got here illegally.


yummmm ... Bunky's menu looks great - I would have had something with Falafel. What do you get when you go there?

The customer sounded like a jerk - hope he didn't ruin your dinner.

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:28:2006:01:28 PM CST

its ugly americans like that that make americans look bad. how very very rude of them. being a server is a tough job.

Posted by dawn @ 07:28:2006:01:32 PM CST

Bunky's is delicious, and last night I had the falafel dinner. Stan had a vegetarian ravioli. They are sort of a combination Mediterranean/Italian restaurant, as the owners/wife is of Italian heritage and the husband is of some Middle Eastern descent. When I went with Tim I had the Shawirma lunch (sp?) which is bbq'd lamb over rice with yogurt sauce. Middle Eastern food is some of my favorite food in the world. My other very favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in town is Lulu's, but I can't find a website for them.

As for the loud couple, well, they did provide an interesting topic of conversation for the night after they left. LOL

Posted by Ann @ 07:28:2006:01:39 PM CST

I've only had Middle Eastern food a couple times (hummus and falafel and probably a few other things with yogurt and tomatoes and cucumbers) and loved it. It just might be worth skipping a couple meals at the local greasy fast chain, to get one meal that was just a little bit different... and tastier.

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:28:2006:01:58 PM CST

Definitely! The Whopper's got nothing on that Shawirma! wink

Posted by Ann @ 07:28:2006:02:27 PM CST

Never had it, but I bet there are some great places in Houston (or H town as its called, lol!).

Posted by Dawn @ 07:28:2006:04:02 PM CST

Unfortunately, 'ugly americans' must be everywhere if they are even here in Madison.

Middle eastern food = Yum!

Posted by stanley @ 07:28:2006:05:07 PM CST

I'm sure there'd be practically any kind of food you could dream of in Houston...it's ginormous!

Dawn, I watched an incredible car chase that took place in Houston some time last week...guy finally ended up driving his truck into a bayou. Was it all over your news there?

Posted by Ann @ 07:28:2006:05:14 PM CST

yep! radio, newspaper... i don't have tv.

im going crazy!

Posted by dawn @ 07:28:2006:09:33 PM CST

Agree on the ugly americans. There's rasistic people like that all over the world though.

And Dawn don't have tv? That's admirable.

Posted by N @ 07:30:2006:03:16 PM CST

I'm not positive but I think she doesn't have TV because she just moved and doesn't have cable yet. She's using dial-up right now...my sympathies are with her!

Posted by Ann @ 07:30:2006:07:59 PM CST

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