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08:06:2006 Entry: "Ann : Deja Vu...only worse"

Deja Vu...only worse

Well, here we go again. 2nd time in a week or so...power out again. Heavy, heavy rain. Not much wind at all, just a big downpour and some thunder and lightning. Oh joy, oh how I love re-establishing the printer connection. At least this time I printed out the instructions and placed them above my printer so I know what to do now, rather than having to search through a bunch of online documents hoping to find the right answer.
As much as my cable company infuriates me at times (it's great when it's working, but it sucks when it's down, plus it's a monopoly in town), one thing that is really cool is that when it goes out due a local power outage (electricity-related, not cable company related), I don't have to go through any hoops to get it up and running. It just comes back up. Can't say that with my printer local-to-ethernet adapter. All the other things on my network work flawlessly, except for that. Oh well, I couldn't live without it. Well, let me rephrase that...I could live without it if I got a brand new wireless laser printer. Do they exist? Ooops...can't check online to see if they do...cable is down. At least I have a battery in my laptop, although it's only 80% charged right now.
It's so dark in the house with the thunderstorm, I can't even see to do other things like paint or jewelry.
Shyeah! It'll be easier this time! I don't think so! I swear I spent over two hours this time trying to figure out the damned thing. Finally, I tried it, word for word according to the instructions (as I thought I was doing already), and the last time instead of plugging the asante talk power cord adapter directly into the adapter--pardon me, I don't know the tech terms for this--you know, plugging the little end into the adapter while the thick end is already plugged into the power strip, I plugged the thick end into the power strip while the little end was already plugged into the adapter. That seemed to do it. I was getting ready to call asante, and I really don't want to do that...you know...on hold...cell phone day minutes and cell phone batteries.
I guess I don't understand what the difference is...it's all electricity, so what's the difference if you have the disconnection at the source of the electricity, i.e., at the power strip or at the electrical outlet, or if you have the disconnection where it plugs into the device? I wish a techie could answer that without being condescending or smarmy.
Oh, and to top it all off, now my site's down.


I'm glad you can do this kind of thing - it would take me 8 hours to do what you can do in 1 hour. I would probably have to pay a geek squad of some kind every time the power goes out.

Posted by stanley @ 07:27:2006:08:54 PM CST

If 1 ann hours = 8 stan hours, that means you'd literally have spent an entire day working on this stuff.

If I ever die or something, just get rid of the laserwriter, buy a new one that comes ethernet ready and just plug and play. Forget this networking crap.

I'm sure you'd be able to read my instructions though. You picked up basic html pretty quickly. I was terrified of all this stuff at first. Remember when I got my first computer? Randy practically set me up...I don't know what I would've done without him at first. And when I got my 2nd computer, I had to call a geek squad guy (they didn't call it that back then though) from Comp USA because it wouldn't start. I have no idea what I did with that. It does get easier as you use it more.

Posted by Ann @ 07:27:2006:09:10 PM CST

" I have no idea what I did with that. " meaning I have no idea what I did with that computer to *u** it up so bad that it wouldn't start right.

Just think, if it was Windows, it'd be even more messed up.

Posted by Ann @ 07:27:2006:09:13 PM CST

you're having a pretty bad day. i would be as lost as you i think!

Posted by dawn @ 07:28:2006:01:31 PM CST

Fortunately I got it all figured out now, that is, until the next power outage rolls eyes

Today is much better, except it's hotter than hell and will stay that way for the weekend, monday, tuesday, etc.

Posted by Ann @ 07:28:2006:01:42 PM CST

wow. i hope you have air conditioning. smile

Posted by Dawn @ 07:28:2006:04:29 PM CST

Not central air, which I really don't like. We have a window unit on the 2nd floor where it gets really hot, which helps keep the downstairs cooler so we don't have hot air coming down from the "attic". We also have a window unit in our 1st floor bedroom which we usually just run on fan at night, but if it's really hot during the day we run it which helps cool it off for the night. We also have a ceiling fan in the kitchen which helps a lot. I'm one of those people that really LOVES open windows in the summer and only closes them to run the AC when it's simply unbearable.

Posted by Ann @ 07:28:2006:04:57 PM CST

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