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08:05:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Lecture Class with HamsteRat"

DREAM: Lecture Class with HamsteRat

I was in some sort of auditorium or large classroom. I was standing on a bleacher way on the sides...sort of like I would if I was at a concert and I couldn't see, except it was no concert. I was sort of jammed into a small architectural feature that snuggly accommodated my body, so that if I bent my knees so that I was in a sitting position, the alcove would support me without actually having a seat to sit on, if that makes sense. I think Stan was there, but he had to leave to go to another "class." There was space on the bleacher I was standing on for other people. A dark-skinned woman asked if she could sit there, and I said yes. She brought what looked like a large dresser drawer and placed it on the bleacher so that in order for me to move, I'd have to step over it. She indicated she'd be back, assumedly to sort through the dresser, but she never returned. I then decided I was uncomfortable, and went down closer to the front in theatre-like seats (again with the theatre). I was wondering why if I was in a class, why Stan and I didn't arrange our classes together. I was also thinking that I might have to go an extra semester or an extra year because my course schedules just weren't working out. (I hate these "I still haven't graduated yet" dreams). There was a hamster that was walking around in the seats in front of me (again with the rodent dreams). It looked sort of like a cross between a rat and a hamster. I call it and it comes to me like a dog. Stan's mom (adopted) is in back of me and I'm telling her about the hamsterat and she's sort of apprehensive to hold it, but it's very friendly and comes to her too.


The rodent sounds like it would be a wonderful pet.

I really liked taking classes together a lot.

What was in the dresser drawer?

Posted by stanley @ 07:25:2006:09:02 PM CST

I don't know. I didn't look in it.

Posted by Ann @ 07:25:2006:09:06 PM CST

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