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08:03:2006 Entry: "Ann : Tim Driving DREAM"

Tim Driving DREAM

I dreamt Stan and I were driving with Tim, except this time Tim was the driver (IRL Tim doesn't drive...vision thing). I was sitting in the front seat and Stan in the back. It was a small cramped used 2-door car. We were in a town called "Chicagoland" but it wasn't Chicago; it was a small industrial city/town in Illinois just south of the Wisconsin border. I asked Tim why he was driving and how he got his license ("because it's a dream, Ann!" Why is it that that never happens?) and he says he doesn't have a license, he's just borrowing his brother's because he just had to have transportation in order to get to his job interview or something. He also said something about his brother saying he was Tim's dad in case Tim got stopped or something...makes no sense. Tim took us to an apartment building where he would be living. It was rather dirty and dingy inside. The outside looked nice, however. It looked more like a one-story single family home possibly built in the 1940s...pale aqua color with a modern-day tin roof. Stan and I were standing outside (it was winter, BTW) looking at the house and we backed up to look at it more and then we could tell it wasn't one story, but in fact 2.5 stories, and possibly it was older, like built around 1910 or so. There were some guys outside that seemed similar to Jay and Silent Bob, but only more real, more blue-collar and not exactly comedy lovable. Then it was as if we morphed into a movie theatre and those guys were sitting in front of Tim, Stan and I. Then Bill and someone else came to sit down next to us. The movie started, and I then realized there was a gigantic big-headed thick-necked man sitting right in front of me blocking my view of the screen. I said this was bullshit and moved a few rows ahead where I had a clear view. I turned around to motion to Stan et al to move up there with me, but they didn't see me or ignored me. I figured whatever, and just stayed where I was to watch whatever I was watching.


This is just one more reason to never go back to the movie theaters again. I can't remember a single time when I didn't have to move because a tall person sits down directly in front of us. I think it is just some sort of unconscious thing with tall people that they have to find a short person to sit in front of - as if to make the point (in their own minds) that they are taller than other people.

Strange about Tim driving.

Posted by stanley @ 07:24:2006:07:05 PM CST

Or maybe they're just dyslexic in a physical space sense. They see a short person in the rows behind them, and think because they sit in front of them instead of someone taller, they'll be able to see the screen better, rather than finding a short person to sit *behind.*

Theatres suck. And they smell bad too.

Posted by Ann @ 07:24:2006:07:10 PM CST

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