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07:20:2006 Entry: "Ann : Outage Rant"

Outage Rant

Monday, July 17

Internet connection was down part of the day on Saturday and it was down today as well. Cable as well as our former phone line went out frequently in the summer. With the cable, it's a city/area-wide thing. I guess several states in the midwest are affected. I wonder if it has to do with the heat. It's too hot to work on the computer much anyway, so, I'm holed up in the bedroom with the AC on. The dogs are in their kennels in there, otherwise they'll get overheated in the rest of the house. It's like being in a very, very compact motel. I'm working on jewelry and it's difficult to work on a not-hard or level surface like a bed. It's kind of like being on a strange vacation.

Thursday, 3:23 am, July 20

Right now we're getting over a really bad t-storm that caused everyone's electricity in the area to go out. Because it's too hot to sleep in the bedroom (can't run the fan or AC) after the storm which made it really muggy in there with the blinds closed, I'm sitting in the living room which is cooler because it has more circulation and the blinds are pulled, working on my battery-powered laptop so that I can tell when it's 5 am so that I can wake Stan so he won't be late for work. Stan can sleep through anything. He could've slept through this storm if I didn't wake him and force him to help me shut windows and pick up fallen plants that had blown over inside. Past couple of days have been awful. I think it's been from the combination of the heat over the weekend and on Monday, and the AC that makes me feel sick. We were running the AC in the bedroom during the day and that's where I was working, making jewelry. Jewelry is the only thing I could really work on there, since I can do it on the bed sitting crosslegged. Can't really work on my computer on the bed...very unergonomic. Nonetheless, I felt stiff from hunching over the little beads all day. Anyway, I've felt very burned out the past few day, like I'm fighting a virus. Maybe my body absorbed too much blue green algae during our time at Rock Lake on Saturday...who knows.

Since there is no electricity, I can't get on the internet, so I am restricted to very local things right now, like typing this. Yesterday I was slaving away setting up a blog for Stan's cactus site. I decided to do a Greymatter install, which I swear each time I do it I'm never doing it again. It was relatively pain free last time I did it when this blog had problems back in April because all I did was copy my templates over. But this was a bitch. I was halfway tempted to go back to Blogger. Really the only reason why I don't use Blogger is because I don't like having to use their system to store my data...I like having my scripts all on my site. If my site's down, it's down, but if my site's up and Blogger is down (which is more frequently the case), then I can't post.

OK, why is there no application that I am aware of that lets you enter store your blog entries locally (all formatted of course, letting you set up your own templates) and ftp up to your site all at the push of a button? I am aware of some journalling script for Macintosh where you can do this but only if you have a .Mac account. I'm sorry, but I'm not spending $100/yr on a .Mac account. You get piddly storage (compared to what you get with a web hosting account) and it just seems like a rip off.

I wonder if my battery will last 1.5 hours so that Stan won't be late for work?

Hmmm...I'm bored. What can I do? I can't work on jewelry...it's dark. I'm bored typing this. I can't check my email or check other things on the web. I can't sleep...I might sleep through Stan's wake time.

Weird shit...explosion somewhere outside. Must've been a transformer. Looks like the electricity is back on.


that sucks.

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