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07:17:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM with Childish Woman and Jealousy"

DREAM with Childish Woman and Jealousy

I don't know where I was or what I was doing, but I dreamt that I was in some place that had lockers...either a school or a work place. There was a woman there with auburn red hair with lots of body and shine in sort of a pleasing style (obviously styled but not overly so) who was maybe around my age, sort of plump. She wanted to show me her locker, so I went to look at it with her. She opens it up and she had a bunch teddy bears and small dolls and doll furniture with calico upholstery arranged on the shelves in the locker like they were rooms or levels in a house. She turns around and gives me a big smile as if to say "do you like it?" I make a very small smile back at her, meanwhile I'm thinking, hey, this would've been great if I was nine, but what am I dealing with here? Woo woo.

I was in a room with Stan and our friend Lamya and they were talking and decided to go do something together. But they didn't ask me to come along. I woke up crying. Yuck...bad memories from college*.


*I was just paranoid, nothing else. Back around 1981-1982 before Stan and I stqrted going out I was jealous when he went to do things with other women in classes of ours, even though I wasn't interested in him....in that way. His relationships with the other women were simply platonic at the time, until he started going out with my friend Susan and then I did get interested in him and then it got messy.


Better a little jeaous than apathetic. Within reason, of course.

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:18:2006:09:50 AM CST

I've had many platonic relationships with women, and I'm sorry the dream made you feel jealous.

Love you.

Posted by stanley @ 07:18:2006:09:11 PM CST

The childish woman with the stuffed toys needs to 'get a life' - as the saying goes.

Posted by stanley @ 07:18:2006:09:12 PM CST

Remember when we went to one of those awful dinner parties and *she* was wearing some red and whtie outfit she made herself that looked like it would've been worn by Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Yeah, that part of the dream reminds me of that.

Sorry about the jealousy. I remember having dreams like that many times, same theme.

Posted by Ann @ 07:18:2006:09:19 PM CST

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