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07:16:2006 Entry: "Ann : The Madcap's Last Laugh"

The Madcap's Last Laugh

Here is an interesting article featuring snippets of an interview with Syd Barrett's sister Rosemary: a unique perspective on Syd's personality. But I wonder because she was so close, was she too close to give a truly objective account?

I can relate to Syd's living for the moment/stop obsessing over the past approach to life, but it's also a bit odd that someone who "simply couldn’t understand the interest in something that had happened so long ago" (when it came to his music and Pink Floyd) couldn't appreciate any artists past Impressionism!


Milk is a bad thing to drink with ulcers. It soothes them for a while, but then causes the stomach to produce even more acid than it would have with only drinking water.

Sounds like she may have been over protective, but I'm glad she wrote the aritcal.

There is no question that the artical is writen from a very limited view, and that's the best someone that close to him could really do anyway.

Posted by stanley @ 07:18:2006:09:08 PM CST

Actually, she didn't write the article, she was interviewed by the article's author.

Yes, she does sound very overprotective. If Syd didn't have emotional and coping issues, there would be no need to be protective at all, right, yet she denies his mental illness (although mental illness is a harsh word...I prefer to say in someone's case like his, emotional and coping issues).

Also she denies he was a recluse, like there's something wrong with being a recluse, like it's a stigma. Although I can see the stigma in mental illness, I see no stigma with reclusiveness, personally. But he was a recluse, how can anyone deny that? You can still be a recluse and be completely "ordinary" otherwise, like I'm sure Syd was.

Posted by Ann @ 07:18:2006:09:13 PM CST

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