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07:14:2006 Entry: "Ann : A Clockwork Pink"

A Clockwork Pink

I bet the Kubrick/Floyd Synchsters* never thought of this one.

Not to divert from the Sad Syd Story or anything, but here's a bit of lighthearted Floyd silliness.

I was talking to Stan yesterday about a certain work situation he is in, and I asked him if he felt a little bit like Roger Waters in the late 70s when his other bandmembers were very uninspired and a bit lazy, and he was the one doing all the work. Then for no reason whatsoever, later that night the image of Alex and his three droogs from "A Clockwork Orange" popped into my head. Yes, I know it is a silly bit of a sync, but I can see it:

Roger: Alex...the leader, and the one who the other three conspire to kick out. OK, so it wasn't exactly like that with Pink Floyd because Roger left first, but it was three against one.
David: Dim...yes, I know, that is mean, but who else does Dim fit? Yes, of course David Gilmour is much better looking, but he did have a bit of a weight problem and perpetually bad hair days starting in the late 70s.
Nick: Georgie...the actor actually resembles a young Nick Mason sans moustache (ca 1966-67 or even 1977-80).
Rick: Pete...the quiet one. 'Nuff said.


*Supposedly, a certain portion of Kubrick's Film "2001: A Space Odyssey" synchs with the over 20-minute song "Echoes". I don't know, I never tried it. The synch of "Dark Side of the Moon" with "The Wizard of Oz" was a silly enough experiment. I'd prefer to appreciate the works of art (Echoes and 2001...Oz is debatable as to whether it is art, but it is nonetheless an American Pop Culture (kitsch?) Classic) as themselves.

Stanley Kubrick also supposedly asked Pink Floyd back in 1971 if he could use some of "Atom Heart Mother" in "A Clockwork Orange" and they declined, probably because they would not have control over how it was used. I read that Roger Waters later regretted that decision. When he recorded "Amused to Death," he asked Kubrick if he could use a sampling of the HAL9000 computer from 2001, but then Kubrick refused. HAL's "Stop, Dave..." ( wink snicker) line is heard on his "In The Flesh" DVD, which I am assuming is after Kubrick's death.


What goes around - comes around - what comes around - goes around.... Sorry about the circleular logic... but is somehow seems to fit the Roger Stanley thing.

Clairfication: My imediate co-worker who is working with me 9 hours a day is not by any way to be included as one of the others who are failing to contribute. She is very hard working and one of the most organized and efficient employees I've ever worked with. She is also the most compatible coworker I've worked with in any situation. ... The people who are in the analigy who've been standing by and failing to contribute for the past several months are 2 supervisors and to some extent 2 other coworkers who work primarily at another job site - but they ironicly have managed to cost me lots of overtime with their bad ideas - implimented by one of the supervisors and when I've worked directly with them they have dumped all of the extera work load on me - which then gives me more overtime - which then because one of the supervisors has an axe to grind with me - puts me in the cross hairs of being in trouble for having so much overtime.... and of course the 2 slacker coworkers who won't stay until the work is finished feel like I'm the mean one for saying they are the reason I have all of this overtime - and the super who has an axe to grind with me would prefer to believe anything they say than even begin to ask me what my side of the story is.

Fortunately for me the people who work in the court house are very supportive and appreciative of my work.

Mostly I didn't want my imediate coworker to be lumped in with the other lazy axe grinding lumps.

Posted by stanley @ 07:14:2006:08:50 PM CST

Clearly I can identify with Roger's frustration with others around not contributing and leaving him in a position where he has to tow the line - and then of course the slackers around Roger see him as being mean - when really they are the ones who are being unreasonable and need to open their eyes more.

I love the Clock Work Orange thing and Dave makes a great Dim right down to the moody - don't hurt my feelings and you have to be nice to me or I won't like you additude.

Posted by stanley @ 07:14:2006:09:00 PM CST

"Dave makes a great Dim right down to the moody - don't hurt my feelings and you have to be nice to me or I won't like you additude."

ROTFLMAO! LOL hehe big grin

Of course Dave is more erudite in the manner in which he would say it, making him much more of the snooty pig as opposed to the hurt sheep that is Dim, but still, yeah, definitely.

When I dreamed this up last night it must've stuck in my head so hard that I actually had a very short, short dream (more like a dream photograph as opposed to a dream video) about Pink Floyd circa 1968 or so (sans Syd) and David was looking like a cross between himself at that time and Dim. Heh. I did feel guilty casting him as Dim, but, well, it does fit.

Posted by Ann @ 07:14:2006:09:09 PM CST

I think Dave is a very gifted musician, and this doesn't lessen my large appreciation for him as a musician to agree - truely - that it does fit.

Posted by stanley @ 07:14:2006:09:13 PM CST

You said large.

Posted by Ann @ 07:14:2006:09:17 PM CST

It floats too.

Posted by stanley @ 07:14:2006:09:19 PM CST

And more ironic is that Alex's name in A Clockwork Orange is Alexander DeLarge.

Maybe Alex should be played by Dave.


This is getting a little too weird.

Posted by Ann @ 07:14:2006:09:27 PM CST

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