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07:11:2006 Entry: "Ann : A Miner for Truth and Delusion"

A Miner for Truth and Delusion

Reading news on Syd Barrett's death is sort of like opening a time capsule. Incongruous justapositions of a story of a man who dies at sixty does not include images of an aging rocker, but instead a 21-year old in his prime. These are the pictures one expects to see of those from The Stupid Club, the 27-year-olds...Jim, Jimi, Janis and Kurt to name the most famous. But Syd never got to be part of that club. He dropped out of the scene at 22, resurfacing shortly with his two solo albums at 24. By the magical age of 27, he had stopped performing. There are no pictures of Syd past that time, other than a few stalkerpics that show a balding old man who looks like a hybrid of Brian Eno, Aleister Crowley, and Brando as Kurtz, but those are hard to find, and frankly not the way fans want to remember him. Those more recent pictures aren't of Syd...those pictures are of Roger Keith Barrett, the name he was born with. Syd had died, metaphorically, years ago. All these obituaries are for the young Crazy Diamond, and not for the old recluse who painted and puttered around in his garden. Those obituaries for Roger K. Barrett bring up nothing related at all. It's as if he never existed, although the man's whose passing I am mourning wanted Syd to be the one to have disappeared.

"Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far."

Shine on, Syd, or Roger K., whoever you are.


It is as if Roger K Barrett was a man who had a life within a life - like 2 minds in the same body. Maybe to some extent all of us are like this, but in Sid's case the 2 minds are dramiticly different.

The lyrics are very true.

Posted by stanley @ 07:11:2006:08:57 PM CST

That's sad to see someone just sorta fade away at 24. I didn't have time to read all that stuff, but wondered if he ever married or had kids?

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:12:2006:10:39 AM CST

No, never married or kids. He was quite popular with the girls when he was young, though, as you can imagine.

After he disappeared from the music scene, he returned to Cambridge where he grew up to live with his mother until she died which I think was some time late last century.

I think after his breakdown, not only did he not want anything to do with music, but close relationships of any kind.

Posted by Ann @ 07:12:2006:11:11 AM CST

There are so many messed up/damaged people in the world - it's very sad. (I know the definition of "messed up" can be debated - but I'm referring to people who by any normal (yeh - "normal" can also be debated), commonly accepted definition would be considered "messed up.&quotwink I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

Yes, I'm sure there would have been an ample supply of females who would have happily attempted to nurse him back to health.

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:12:2006:11:18 AM CST

Ignore that "wink" in the above post - don't know how I got that in there.

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:12:2006:11:19 AM CST

Yep, sad with Syd, kind of died before he actually had lived.

Posted by N @ 07:13:2006:02:42 PM CST

Today is the first time in 2 days I'm not a weepy mess. Don't know how long it will last, though.

Posted by Ann @ 07:13:2006:03:12 PM CST

Nope...didn't last. So much for my tear-free streak.

Posted by Ann @ 07:13:2006:04:12 PM CST

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