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07:09:2006 Entry: "Ann : Cave Men"

Cave Men

Yesterday we went to Cave of the Mounds because we thought it would be a nice place to spend a hot day, and it was. It was the first park or historic spot in Wisconsin that we visited when we moved here back in 1989. It is a very easy cave tour, not a lot of walking or stair climbing at all, not at all like the natural cave entrance tour we took in Carlsbad Caverns last year...killer, that.

Once good thing about our travels in the offseason is the minimal amount of people who spoil the experience, unlike a weekend in summer like yesterday. Now I reallize kids are going to be there, and actually one young girl did ask some good questions, one being about how oxygen gets into the cave. But there are always families who have absolutely no consideration for either the wellbeing of their kids or the other people on the tour. As the tour started, there were loud cries of protest of "I'm Scared!!!!!" from the back of the crowd. "Oh great," I thought, "someone brought a two year old on the tour. Just terrific." "She's scared of the dark," said the mother when the tourguide asked what was wrong. WTF? Bring a kid on a cave tour when you know it is scared of the dark? Yeah, that's a fine way to acclimate it to the dark. The tourguide, who had much more composure and patience than I ever could have under those situations, suggested the mother bring her child up toward the front where she had a flashlight so she wouldn't be in the dark. What emerged was not a mother with a tiny toddler, but a girl who must've been at least in the area of 7 years old. Kid was also out of control, grabbing the guide's flashlight at one point, running around, and just being a nuissance. Kid would've done better at a waterpark or something. The mother seemed completely unapologetic toward the rest of the crowd, and put the blame on the father "it was his idea to come here" and implied they turn on more lights so pweshus wouldn't be scared. WTF? Caves are dimly lit for a reason to discourage algae growth and preserve the natural cave environment.

And that wasn't last of the untrained sprogs from hell. Stan tells me that when he was using the restroom after the tour, one little boy comes into the men's room, takes a look at him and says "I didn't know girls peed standing up." WTF?!?!?!?!?!? Stan did the proper thing and ignored it...I don't know if I could've...I probably would've said something rude back. Stan later heard some parent telling the kid that wasn't a girl. No apologies to Stan, though, no, no reprimanding the kid for talking to a strange man (who had his penis out of his pants at the time) in a restroom, no, nothing like that. What an ignorant little child to think that a man with a pony tail, yet with both obviously masculine features and a dick is a girl! I mean I would think if you're that naive, you'd be too young to want to approach a stranger (in a restroom, nonetheless). Didn't the parent ever teach the kid not to talk to strangers, especially strangers in restrooms? WTF is wrong with parents?

Well, maybe the kid was confused, after all, it was Cave of the Mounds.


I really enjoyed seeing the cave again, and it is a very fun little cave.

It is also refreshing to hear intelegent questions coming from children and it gives a little hope for the future of humanity - as in not all of the kids now are free range brats.

The restroom thing frightens me less about the question and more that a child would speak to a stranger in a public restroom. Some parent isn't doing their job.

Posted by stanley @ 07:09:2006:10:46 AM CST

Also.... it is strange that no one seems to apologize for their children's mistakes anymore.

Posted by stanley @ 07:09:2006:10:47 AM CST

Yep, kids.. Especially annoying in supermarkets, I think wink

Posted by Nikolas @ 07:09:2006:04:50 PM CST

Worse than supermarkets, where you can walk away from it if you need to, is in restaurants where you're sort of a captive audience. Especially if the sprog is adjacent to you and either a) screaming (yes, I will plug my ears with my hands and I don't feel a bit rude doing it. I cannot stand high pitched screaming); or b) turning around and leaning against the back of its booth and staring at you as you eat and getting its little fingers in the person's hair sitting across from you all the while its parent does absolutely NOTHING to correct its behavior; or c) kicking the underpart of the booth hard so that you feel nauseating tremors as you are trying to dine (of course, all the while the parents do NOTHING).

Both Stan and I were trained young that if you misbehave, you leave, and we must've misbehaved at one time and our parents made good on that threat, because the next time we gave them no trouble and were always well-behaved in public places. I don't know why that's so hard for parents to do. I guess it's the whole freerange child mentality. Unless it comes to the kid's personal time, then they micromanage it like a boss from hell, always at soccer practice or this and that after school activity, not letting them have any play time when they can just be a kid and dream.

Posted by Ann @ 07:09:2006:05:13 PM CST

A friend of mine has a 13 year old kid who behave very much like a 6 year old, because his mother doesn't, and never has, set any limits, he has no respect for adults, if one say something to him one can get the most incredible rude answers, like one is being asked to shut up (and it's probably confusing for the kid too, cause his mother accept it and his father don't) - I also think teachers suck nowadays, if one walk into a classroom the first impression is chaos, but ok, I get easlily annoyed over kids' behavior, I can get super annoyed just because someone fill their plate with food and then don't even eat half of it.

Posted by N @ 07:10:2006:05:06 AM CST

Sounds like that kid is headed for trouble. Tim, who was a teacher, now a teacher's aide (long story...health thing) would totally agree with you about the teacher part. It doesn't even sound like they learn anything either, at least not the basic stuff like math, reading, spelling, etc. It's all experiential, which is fine for older kids or college when you can grasp concepts and be more self-directed, but for jr. high and younger, they really need to focus on the basics or else we'll be producing a world full of potato boys whose only skill is video games. Huh...I thought it was a USA thing with the teachers...I guess it's universal.

Posted by Ann @ 07:10:2006:09:40 AM CST

"untrained sprogs from hell"
rotflmao and coughing, gagging, snot shooting everywhere cuz i am sick... that is too funny. wow. i am getting a grip. kids drive me nuts. dont ask why i have four. i really dont know. babies are cute, then they get stupid. i have decided that my kids are quite normal, and may even be closer to better than worse. and my kids are "deedeedee" like mencia says. we do not tolerate that kind of crap at home or anywhere else!!! I hate taking the kids to the grocery store because they bug me. The big ones, not the wee ones. I leave them behind as much as possible. Drive me nuts. Austin will say things in public to me, like "black people all look the same" oh my god!!! embarass me, my kid grew up in mt, very few poeple of color. he is 10 and making an observation outloud and i want to crawl under the table and burrow into the floor. instead i told hm to shut up, just shut up right now, and we can discuss stuff like that at home as i looked around the very noisy restaurant and thanked god that no one heard. Esp since there were more mexicans than blacks! We try but they insist on remaining stupid. Next time you want tohave some fun, ill let you spend the day with them.
hehehehehe hehe

Posted by dawn @ 07:10:2006:03:30 PM CST

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