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07:08:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Your Cheatin'...Chest?"

DREAM: Your Cheatin'...Chest?

I was in a strange building...it must've been Depressions because I recognized some people from there, although the building was weird, like a long room...lots of green and grey. One woman who I used to work with was carrying a load of what looked like laundry. She lays it down on a sink or something. I look at it and it contains a bunch of dirty cotton swabs, that looked like the way they do after we clean Lucifer Sam's ears. I wondered why these were in the laundry and not in the trash. I do confront her about it and say that these really should go in the trash, and she says that she wishes that when I leave my underwear around, I wouldn't leave them with the crotch-side up. I thought this is weird, because I don't leave my underwear lying around...especially not outside my home! I was embarrassed by this, nonetheless. Then a woman who looks like a scary version of Alice from The Brady Bunch with worse teeth is talking to me. She is speaking in metaphors and I can tell that it is negative about me. As she is talking, I realize I have my head on Stan's chest (not IRL) and it is stubbly! (IRL Stan doesn't have a hairy chest) I ask him why he shaved his chest, and he says "For Paula!" (Paula is someone who Stan used to work with and was a good friend of Tim's, or so she thought) I get this urge to strangle him, let out a noise that is like "Aaaaarrgh" and wake myself up moaning, groaning, crying and kicking.


I'm glad you noticed that I couldn't shave my chest if I wanted - so at least you know it was only a dream.

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