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07:07:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM with Nico"

DREAM with Nico

I was in an auditorium or theatre and there was going to be a band performing which included Erik/Nickolas (Nico). I was sitting way in the back and his band enters and goes way in the back too, and sit in the seats across the aisle from me. Nico, who I recognize immediately, is carrying a guitarcase. I wave to him and say "hi" and he says hi back, but I don't think he recognized me. Either that, or he wasn't expecting me to be there. Was I in Norway or was he in the U.S.?


Can't imagine myself in the U.S (possibly so much socialist that I qualify to terrorist and would be stopped in the passport controlwink so you must have been in Norway, yep.

Posted by Nico @ 07:07:2006:01:59 PM CST

14 years before 9/11 I had a bitch of a time getting back into my own country after spending 20 frickin' minutes in Mexico (it sucked, so I went back...and they didn't believe that true story). Although it was no problem when we came back from Canada in '92...we just had a truckload of amethyst is all. I would hate what it would be like if I tried to get back in the U.S. NOW! So although it would be nice to travel abroad, I guess I can only do it in dreams!

Posted by Ann @ 07:07:2006:03:58 PM CST

Also...there's a financial thing... sad

Posted by Ann @ 07:07:2006:03:59 PM CST

I knew a guy who was always stopped at the airport when he came home from anywhere abroad, even from Sweden, always full bodysearch with the obligatory stripping, often including the use of gloves wink Have also been stopped myself, but they only went through my baggage. I've figured that they often pick people who has a certain cannabislook, like if you wear a suit, it's unthinkable that you have anything to do with illegal drugs, if you're tattooed and pierced on the other hand..

Posted by Nico @ 07:08:2006:06:41 AM CST

Aaargh...don't get me started on profiling. Inevitably, the profilers are always wrong. Would they have profiled Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bomber)? No!

Ironically, Stan's hair was probably the shortest it ever was when we got stopped at the border. I was wearing a black sundress. I can't figure why they stopped us...the asshole border cop said something about the way we answered the questions...well hell, we answered them honestly. I was so pissed off, because I knew as we stood there (fortunately we weren't body searched, just my purse was searched) some Craig-boy pastel shorts Vuarnet sunglasses wearer (it was the 80s) was sneaking through with some happy weed and no one is gonna search daddy's little prepboy future's so bright I gotta wear shades. I was so f*cking pissed.

Posted by Ann @ 07:08:2006:09:34 AM CST

This makes me think of my cousin Bill. Bill lives in Michigan and comes out to Colorado every winter to ski and he has a bumper sticker on his car that says "MaryJane." (I'm not sure if MaryJane is a specific mountain, or a ski area in general.) So due to this bumper sticker he always gets stopped at the border when he goes to Canada in the summer. (You've probably seen the bumper sticker when you've been out here - there's another MaryJane bumper sticker that says "No Pain/No Jane".)

Undoutedly, the Canada/US border agents are unfamiliar with the ski area, and think Bill is indorsing pot.

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:10:2006:10:34 AM CST

Isn't pot decriminalized in British Columbia? I would think the US border would be more concerned than Canada with our Draconian war-on-some-drugs laws.

My friend Bill got detained when he took a trip to Scotland because he has long hair. When asked what his profession was, he answered truthfully, "Chemist." (He works for a firm that does environmental clean-up...he's a chemist or some lab technician there) Then he realized he said the wrong thing because "Chemist" over there means drug dealer or illegal drug maker...one or the other.

Posted by Ann @ 07:10:2006:10:48 AM CST

Don't know about British Columbia - he goes to Ontario, where Grandma's cabin is.

I think the whole war on drugs thing is insane. I recently read an interesting thing (one of the "in-depth" feature articles) about how if the drug laws weren't so draconia, it would free up a lot of prison room, and save multi-multi millions and actually cut down on crime ... I'd better not even get started on that.

Posted by greenthumb @ 07:10:2006:11:01 AM CST

Couldn't agree more on that point.

Posted by Ann @ 07:10:2006:11:10 AM CST

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