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07:05:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs: Butterfly and Rodents"

DREAMs: Butterfly and Rodents

I was looking in the cage (aquarium) with our Monarch chrysalises and found a butterfly that had hatched and I had somehow overlooked (IRL we're between hatchings...they're good for another week or so) except it wasn't a Monarch. It had the wingspan size of some huge tropical moth or butterfly, except not as horizontal, more vertical, which is very odd. It had the coloration/markings of a Tiger Swallowtail, and the rough edge design of a Mourning Cloak. It was quite impressive and beautiful. I wanted to get a picture of it, but it had gotten out of the cage and was in the back porch. I shut the doors and left it in there, and I went to get my camera. When I came back, I couldn't find it.

I was going to eat at some tavern/mom and pop eating place. I went in the back door as somehow I was invited there. The proprietors/cooks were maybe around my age, and even though they were inside cooking, they were wearing sunglasses. I wondered if they were blind. I think they also had some kids running around in the kitchen too. I noticed a cage (not aquarium, but metal cage) with some pet rodents in it like a guinea pig, a gerbil and something else. There was no odor coming from the cage so they must have kept it very clean, but still...not something you would want in a kitchen if cooking for the public. There was also something very strange about the animals, it was as if their bodies had been squeezed into doll clothes. The cooks served me a meal at a big table where the rest of the family ate. I can't remember what it was except for one dish which was a salad consisting of grated carrots and salmon roe. I guess maybe that could be good, but in the dream it wasn't...except for the Salmon roe. The carrots were kind of mushy.

The night before last I also dreamt of a rodent, or maybe it was a bat. I was holding it, and noticed its ear was vanishing due to some insects that were devouring it. It was sad.

I wonder why I've been dreaming about rodents so much lately.


I wish you had goten a photo of the butterfly, and then could have posted it in this dream blog. Wouldn't that be wild?

I would love to have pet rats if we weren't alergic to them. Very sweet animals, and maybe you dream about rodents because you miss them - at least a little.

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