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07:01:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs: Squatters and Powerlines"

DREAMs: Squatters and Powerlines

#1 For some odd reason, Stan and I decided to go to one of those multi-level malls like in Denver in the old days. Our plan was to then go to a basement level, hide out in a bathroom, and then when the place is closed, spend the night. So what we actually did was find an office room and hide out in there instead. We had brought sleeping bags with us, and there was some strange padded thing on the floor that we put the sleeping bags on. There was also TV in the room, so we were set for the night. I had fallen asleep fairly early, but then awoke around 1:30 AM (not unlike real life). There was a window in the rooom, not facing the outside, but facing the interior hallway. I was worried that a night watchman would find us, and he eventually did. We explained to him that we were just spending the night and not there to cause problems, so he let us go without incident. I remember leaving the place and walking around the outside; it was like a large zoo, literally, surrounding this mall. And for yet another odd reason, we decided to do the same exact thing the following night, spend the night downstairs. This time the room we stayed in had a rollaway bed with an ugly lime green blanket. And this time the dogs were with us. I was lactating (ew) and nursing Lucifer Sam as if he was a baby (ew...love my dog, but...ew). I went to another part of the room where they had a restroom, but I saw a couple people on the other side of a door, and they saw me. I was afraid what they would do if they found us here again. I turned myself in, and this time it looked like they were going to arrest us. There were a bunch of other people there too, including a woman who looked maybe Native American in ethnicity who was working for security. She was asking me a question in a language that I did not understand. Before they went through fully with the arrest I woke up.

#2 Stan and I were driving somewhere and there was a bad driver annoying another driver. The second driver (the one who was beying annoyed) was driving a 2-door purple-mauve SUV, like a Ford Bronco. They started chasing the first driver. I think we then followed them to see what happened. We ended up on a cul-de-sac with a bunch of downed power lines. There were a bunch of kids running around the neighborhood, and I was trying to get them into the house. The power lines looked organic, like drowned earthworms, only larger, like actual powerline size. I had a cellphone with me (I think it was Stan's new cellphone) and I was going to call 911 to get someone over there to take care of the situation. I forgot what happened after that.


I wonder if people really do try to squat in malls?

Posted by stanley @ 07:01:2006:04:56 PM CST

Remember that time we had to make an emergency run for night lights at the only place open in FC that time of night? (the evil empire?) There were teenagers with their own office space there.

I thought when I was young I read a fiction book about some kids who were living in either a museum or a department store. It sounded sort of fun at the time.

Posted by Ann @ 07:01:2006:05:08 PM CST

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