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07:13:2006 Entry: "Ann : Oh Grow Up"

Oh Grow Up

I was reading something at the Huffington Post today regarding Anntithesis Coulter and some frumpwad left a comment to the article and she (I can only assume it's a she) starts in on the personal physical attacks. Look, when it comes to personality, attitude and beliefs, I find Coulter, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity (you know, the standard rightwingnut crowd) as ugly as they come. But when people start in on the nitpicky personal criticism, it detracts from the legitimate critiques of their truly hideous minds. Instead of criticizing Anntithesis' politics, attitude, morals, et. al., the commentor starts in on how she wears her dresses too short and hair too long. Oh bite me. You know, if there was a saving grace of Annthrax, which there isn't, but if there was, it would be those qualities. I mean the short black dresses and long hair give a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, this is someone who at one time had a love of life and a free spirit that wasn't chained to fascism or at least rigid ultra neocon thinking. Just think how truly frightening kukluxklAnn would look if she wore brown shirts and cropped her hair nun-like. And from personal experience, the people who knock someone's personal appearance are actually jealous because they can't wear short skirts--not that I can anymore either, but I'm not knocking Anntichrist for doing it. And long hair...who says that once someone is past a certain age they have to get "mother's hair?" If you can grow it, flaunt it.

I find this trend of knocking someone based on their looks very disturbing. Not only is it very Junior High, but when there are so many legitimate criticisms of these rightist zealots and someone from the left resorts to the easiest of put-downs, it just makes the the left's case look weak and leaves them open for more of the same in return.


Well yes, I agree. One doesn't have many good arguments I guess, if one start to pick on how people look, etc. But it's rather common, unfortunately. Somehow I suddenly got reminded of a guy online who had the same first name as me, only written with a c.. And yes, why shouldn't women over 40 or 50 or 60, if so, have long hair and short dresses if they want to.

Oh, and Germany won over Argentina in the quartfinale!

Posted by The tangopartner @ 06:30:2006:03:13 PM CST

"a guy online who had the same first name as me, only written with a c."

I didn't realize it was him who made that comment a few months ago, if it's the guy I'm thinking of (last name begin with B?)...I didn't know he still hung around your blog. That whole genre of those people seems like another universe to me now. I'm so not into the whole blogarazzi crowd.

Posted by Ann @ 06:30:2006:04:14 PM CST

Blogarazzi? Is that people who harrass other people via their blogs?

Posted by greenthumb @ 06:30:2006:05:11 PM CST

I guess so...bloggers themselves who are like the paparrazzi (sp?) equivalent, always jumping on the latest blog craze and, yeah,, I guess they would also be harrassing other bloggers, the way the paparrazzi does to celebs.

Posted by Ann @ 06:30:2006:05:21 PM CST

Sorry...I guess it's just one "r" in paparazzi.

Posted by Ann @ 06:30:2006:05:23 PM CST

Yes, was thinking about the guy with last name on B, and no, he didn't write any comments about Anne (if that's what you're thinking about) - B. used to pick on me though, in the past.

Posted by E.N.A @ 07:01:2006:05:31 AM CST

Oh, then I'm confused...there's another one then? confused crazy

Posted by Ann @ 07:01:2006:09:19 AM CST

It was just a guy from Canada who is actually nice - or used to be, who wrote those doggycomments about Anne wink

Posted by E.N.A @ 07:01:2006:02:15 PM CST

Did his site begin with the letter "A"? If so, then I had always suspected it was him that left those comments. Guys with the gayest blogs are always the hardest on women.

Posted by Ann @ 07:01:2006:04:04 PM CST

This is another problem the political left has is that they don't know when they've actually won a point. Instead the case is often like this one where A. C. has discredited herself and severly weekened the right wing ajenda and then these STUPID left wingers have to start spouting off insults.

Why don't you left wing IDIOTS see that when you do this kind of thing all you accomplish is:

1. Giving the right wing more material to win more people over to their way of thinking.

2. Discredit yourself and do harm to you own view points.

Yes you are STUPID IDIOTS and calling you these name doesn't weeken my view point because what I'm writing is completely true and factual.

If you stop attacking people based on their physical appearance STUPID and IDIOT will no longer apply to you.

Posted by stanley @ 07:01:2006:05:09 PM CST

LOL! The right wing has already been given enough rope to hang themselves several times over, why on earth does the left wing keep reeling that rope back in? Geez!

One thing though, I don't think the Democrats could ever hang themselves. In order to hang yourself, you need to be a vertebrate, and the Dems have proved that with the exception of Feingold, they're practically all suffering from Slinky's Disease.

Posted by Ann @ 07:01:2006:05:14 PM CST

slinky's disease!

ha that is so funny. i also am amused by all the ways you turned the name ann into something evil. big grin

i don't know who you are talking about because i flat out refuse to watch the news channels or read the paper. i feel its safeswt for me to stay as completely uninformed as possible. i have enuf crap to deal with here, quite litterally, that i don't need to punish myself any further.

you must have a very strong stomach, lol!

Posted by dawn @ 07:08:2006:11:48 AM CST

"ha that is so funny. i also am amused by all the ways you turned the name ann into something evil."

Gotta differentiate *that* Ann from meself, as she can't be giving us Anns a bad name!

Posted by Ann @ 07:10:2006:11:29 AM CST

no kidding

Posted by dawn @ 07:10:2006:03:11 PM CST

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