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07:11:2006 Entry: "Ann : Just feeling a bit grumbly today."

Just feeling a bit grumbly today.

As I was trying to wake this AM I was listening to WPR while they had on the president from NOW, discussing the organization's 40th anniversary and how feminism has changed in the past few decades, etc. etc. Now (sorry) I'm probably in 99% agreement with what NOW stands for, however something was said that just rubbed me the wrong way. They were discussing how young girls (pre-pre-teens) are dieting so they can look thin or "good." Of course this is horrible, as said NOW's president. But she said something to the effect that the point isn't to look good, but to have healthy bodies. Upon first listen, that sounds all fine and dandy, and maybe it's just me because they had brought up Rush Limpball's term "feminazi" earlier in the show which caused bizarre imagery to slideshow in my slumbering head, but this ideal of having a healthy body just rubbed me the wrong way. I remember seeing images of Hitler Youth exercising. Health was very important to that movement. Would the president of NOW tell a girl with a debilitating or wasting disease that it's important to have a healthy body, when that is and never will be a possibility in her life? While all sensible people can agree that unnecessary dieting at any age just to attain some ideal thinness is a bad goal, and that it is *more* (note emphasis on MORE) important to be healthy than to look "good", is it necessarily IMPORTANT to be healthy, if physical health defined by national standards isn't in your cards? I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I just caught wind of a butchey PE instructor from a past life, not encouraging girls to do *their personal* best, but to be *the* best, which is obviously unobtainable for everyone except the best. Whatever happened to a healthy mind and being a decent person? There's a lot of mean-spirited healthy bodies running around out there. And I don't think they're important. Supposedly a certain Mr. Shrub is reportedly in fine health.

Like I said, maybe I'm reading more into her comment than what was intended. But who knows?


In the new facist styled Republicon (neocon) Nation - formerly known as the USA .... all citizens will participate in public exercize groups and will be fit both in mind and body... always ready for war to protect and defend their beloved republic - and those who fail to become fit will be sent to special schools for their own good - where they will become fit both in mind and body in order to become good and strong citizens who are fit with heathy bodys and minds which are loyal to all of the ideals of this new facist styled republic brought to all of us by the Republican party which was started in the nation no longer called the USA....

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