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07:08:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: The Goth Years...sort of"

DREAM: The Goth Years...sort of

Stan and I were at my parent's house. We were just hanging out in the bedroom that used to be mine a long time ago, the one upstairs that now my mom uses. Supposedly we had a large bed in there (in this dream) where we slept, although IRL not even a full size bed would fit in that room. In the afternoon we got a phone call from our friend Kay, who we haven't heard from for years. Although IRL she's in Europe, probably, in the dream she was right in town. She called us to tell us that Bauhaus was staying at her place, and they were to be playing a show later that night. Despite the fact we were both tired, we decided to go. I was looking through the closet trying to find something to wear and trying on a bunch of clothes that I do not have IRL (let alone have at my parents house). I was a bit disappointed not to find anything suitable and I don't know what I finally decided on. I also didn't want to wear glasses to the show, but I had been wearing my contacts all day and my eyes were burned out, so I didn't know what to do. Supposedly we would call Kay later that evening before we left, but we never did. The next thing I knew, Stan and I were in the parking lot outside of a quick food mart and there was some guy being arrested by the cops. Simultaneously, our cell rang and it was Bill. Although Stan was talking to him, I could hear him as well, and his call was really breaking up. Stan made a motion to me that said "do you want to talk to him?" and I shook my head because I wanted to leave the area and get to the Bauhaus gig. Next thing I knew, I was at the Bauhaus gig, but Kay wasn't there. And Bauhaus didn't look like Bauhaus either...I do remember Peter Murphy, but the rest of the band seemed wrong. I remember telling Stan in the dream that David Jay wasn't there, but I was confused, in fact I meant Daniel Ash. There was some tall guy with a blond pony tail playing guitar...looked like some midwestern college student. No, I don't think this was Bauhaus.

Later, the dream abruptly changes and I'm walking as a participant in some stupid relay fundraiser event...I have no idea what it was, but I'm somewhere near Aberg and Commercial Avenue in Madison that seemed like it hybridized with the west side of the CSU campus. I'm walking along a sidewalk and someone hands off this...wand thing (like a baton, but much heavier) for me to carry that I need to hand off to the next person coming my way. My foot was hurting and the thing was really heavy and I didn't know if I could continue any longer. Fortunately, I see another person coming my way and I quickly give them the wand before they are given a wand by someone coming up quickly behind me. Weird.


The wand passing thing is very weird, and seems to have meaning - but I can't see what that would be.

I wish Bauhaus would have played in Denver it that 'goth' time of life. That would have been really enjoyable, but now it wouldn't be that much fun. Strange how time changes some things. Still a time to have a dream about that holds lots of good things to remember. It's kind of like the era when you had an art show at the Lincon Center and I think both Kay and Bill were at that opening.

The funniest thing at that opening was when this preacher man was standing in front of the sterio as it was playing 'The Doors Soft Parade' with Jim shouting "you can not petition the lord with prayer"... That was great.

Posted by stanley @ 06:25:2006:07:23 PM CST

"I think both Kay and Bill were at that opening"
And someone else.

And even though we didn't know them then, that's how Pat and Dale found out about us.

The preacher thing was hilarious. What great timing.

I think by the time we were getting into Bauhaus they'd already been broken up a while.

Posted by Ann @ 06:25:2006:07:27 PM CST

I can tell my mind is seriously wandering at work because I googled "Bauhaus definition" and found out that art school is responsible for the cubicle!

Posted by greenthumb @ 06:27:2006:04:04 PM CST

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