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07:05:2006 Entry: "Ann : WTF?"


I just went to check this journal. G**gle ad on top says "Hair Extensions." WTF? No where on this page do I mention Hair Extensions. OK, well, so I just mentioned it now. But I mean PRIOR to NOW it was not mentioned. How did the ad get placed? I do mention hair when describing both a female and a cat. But nowhere do I mention the extension part. Targeted advertising works for you! Not.

Anyway that was not what I was originally going to write about. This topic has been nagging at me for possibly years now, but I haven't felt it really worth writing about. I don't care one iota about the lives of famous married couples, I really don't. There is one famous married couple, however, that has really got me completely baffled: James Carville and Mary Matalin. I am completely befuddled as to how those two don't strangle eachother nightly, let alone be divorced already. Are they both masochists? Does having wildly divergent political opinions get them off in bed or what? I mean it's not like Stan and I are in lock step with our political views 100%. Right now we are both of very different opinions regarding the smoking ban in Madison. Stan completely agrees with the ban and would rather see people smoking on the sidewalks than in the bars (which he doesn't go to by the way). I'd rather let the people smoke in the bars (and I can choose not to go to them) than have them loitering and stinking up the sidewalks which is public property where I have to smell it as I walk and drive by. But that is a small thing. On larger issues, national issues, world issues, social issues, we pretty much agree all the way.

So what's the deal with Carville and Matalin? I cannot imagine being married to someone whose fundamental views are so different than yours. I cannot even see me being friends with someone like that as it would lead to nowhere except continuous arguing. This is why my conversations with my dad are so short, and pretty much limit themselves to gardening, a pretty politically neutral activity. Matalin's defense of Ann "T-Christ" Coulter's comments about the 9/11 widows would surely make me consider getting a divorce attorney if I was Carville...that would be my last straw.

It's probably one of those mysteries of the universe that no one will ever know...until they get divorced and one of them spills all their dirty laundry to the tabloids. Hmmm..I wonder if there's a Divorce Pool? My bet is on them.


That relationship will never last - I would think - strangly lots of people live in marriage with wildly different political views. I could never even consider starting a relationship like that.

Posted by stanley @ 06:22:2006:08:48 PM CST

Guess it also depends on how idealistic one is, how strong one believe in, and feel committed to, one's political view. It amaze me even more how an atheist can be in a relationship with a very religious person.

Posted by Nikolas @ 06:23:2006:02:54 PM CST

Stan: They've been married since 1993. It's lasted this far.

Nico: I can see maybe if someone is young and naive about different political views (they were in their 40s when they married!) or maybe if their jobs or vocations aren't very politically-involved...but politics is THEIR LIFE!

I'm just trying to wrap my brain around it...and it doesn't fit all the way. confused

Posted by Ann @ 06:23:2006:03:42 PM CST

By Ann @ 09:47 AM CST:07:05:06 ..::Link::..

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