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07:01:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Surrealistic Garden"

DREAM: Surrealistic Garden

In the first dream, Stan's mom was living in the same town we were--whether she lived in Madison or we lived in Montrose was not determined. She was taking off on vacation, and I thought it would be fun if Stan and I spent those days at her house, just as sort of a break from our own. I have a feeling it was the same house that I dreamt she lived in a few months ago...more complex than the one she actually lives in. Because his mom made no suggestion of having us look after her house while she was gone (what would need looking after, really...houseplants?), I felt rather snubbed by that. I wanted Stan and I to go there anyway, to sneak in.

The next dream starts out kind of cute but ends very surreal in a not-very-me sort of way. I was outisde looking into a garden. There were caterpillars feeding on leaves. One of the caterpillars was very large, maybe 8 inches long and 1.5 inches in circumference. It was white with brown and black markings. It had a strange formation on its butt...like a weird tail that I've seen on some geckos, sort of short. Except this tail had fur on it. I think my dad was in the dream. We were sitting down and he was facing me. He looks over his shoulder and sees the caterpillar and it looks at him as if it recognize him as a living entity, as if it was saying hello. Then, it gets difficult to explain, but it is as if the caterpillar turned into a cat. But there was not just one cat, but two, a mother and its one offspring. The mother was all black, and I believe the young one was all black too, but I can't remember. I wanted to keep the young cat (somehow, the mother was already spoken for) The mother had fairly short hair, but the young one had a typically squished Persian or Himalayan face. The hair wasn't *real* long, but I could tell it could potentially trigger my allergies, so as much as I liked this kitten, I knew I couldn't have it. As I was playing with the cats, somehow the chair I was sitting on started moving. It got taller too, so I was swept up on this whirling chair spinning all around this yard. There were people there, strange people, surreal people, people that looked like they came out of The Wizard of Oz, or Yellow Submarine, or weird space flicks. There was this strange old man, fat, bald, with what looked like one yellow tooth encompassing the entirety of his small round open mouth. He was some sort of captain or something. The whirling chair is heading toward him, so I tell him to help me and I'm about to fall into his arms, but for some reason, he doesn't catch me. I'm spinning more, and eventually someone stops me. Maybe it is Stan, I don't know. Then there are a bunch of very tall men that start entering the scene. They are wearing plaid and look like lumberjacks, but they are sort of misshapen, like they're not totally human. Then someone exclaims "The elves are coming! The elves are coming!" I figured these plaid-wearers must be elves. But something didn't make sense. They looked more like trolls. For some reason while I was caught up in the whirling chair before, I managed to wrap a whole bunch of waxy candy around my right hand. As I'm peeling the candy off with my mouth, I lie down on the ground and put my legs up on ledge. A strange white human (literally white, not Caucasian) dressed all in black comes by me. The black he is wearing looks like the texture of licorice sticks, similar to the goo around my hand. For some reason I feel I can speak to him, so I tell him that "the plaid-wearers don't look like elves. I thought elves were human-sized" (recalling the LOTR movie), "I didn't think they were giants. I think these are trolls." The black and white guy looks concerned and tells me he will look into the situation. OK, like what was that about? Was he a dreammaster and he had a technical error and he'll come back with the correct species type for elves later in the dream assuming I don't wake up? Too bad for him. I woke up.


I love hanging out at my mom's place with you when it's just you and I there - and the dogs too.

Very strange about the elves and more like Mt. Horrable instead of your imagination - Who was the fat old bald man?

The whole of it is a very Alice in Wonderland kind of dream.

Posted by stanley @ 06:20:2006:08:51 PM CST

Yes, very Alice in Wonderland. In fact, the fat old bald man reminded me of a walrus, or maybe a narwhal, what with one tooth and all. Except it wasn't a long pointed narwhalesque tooth. It was just one big buck tooth...yellowish. His small rounded mouth was opened and it showed. It was most bizarre.

Posted by Ann @ 06:20:2006:08:57 PM CST

Yeah, and it was also very Mt. Horrible. Trolls. You know those stupid Earthlink ads with all those ridiculous fairyland creatures? It was sort of like that too.

Posted by Ann @ 06:20:2006:09:00 PM CST

Those Earthlink adds are sinister - and icky

Posted by stanley @ 06:21:2006:09:13 PM CST

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