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06:19:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM about Architecture"

DREAM about Architecture

For some reason Stan and I had to leave our home in Madison and move back to Fort Collins. By a strange twist of dream fate, we were able to get back our old house on Grant Street as a rental. I was so happy, even though we didn't own it, we still had a place to live. IRL that house would be much too small for us now, but in the dream it seemed plenty spacious. It seemed to have strange levels or spaces that were either between floors or between walls that provided extra room. The basement was also much larger and spanned the full extent of the house. It was a basement that I seem to have as a frequently reocurring dream basement, where the concrete floors slope, and there's secret hidden rooms that keep going further into the depth of it. There were a bunch of people in the basement running around, one of whom I remember is Pat. She had been taking drugs and was saying some very strange things, but I forgot what. Stan and I were considering having her be our roommate to help pay for the rent. I think we had three bedrooms. Then the layout of the place started to mutate and it began to look like a bungalow, similar to my grandmother's house, except there was a hallway which the bedrooms came off of.

Later I was in a different situation; I was taking a drawing class at the University, but the classroom had desks and chairs like in high school, not like in a college art class. I forgot what the assignment was, but I was conceptualizing a drawing that was based on a newspaper layout, and I would illustrate things (literal objects, as opposed to more intangible things like relationships) that I had lost, layed over the newspaper format. I figured I could do this better at home on my computer than in the classroom, plus I didn't have any art supplies with me. I went out of the room to find my locker to see if I could scrounge up any drawing media, but the building (which was supposedly the inHumanities building at the UW) mutated into my high school in Fort Collins. It was like a hybrid between the two, the traditional early 20th century architecture of the high school and the mid-century not-really-modern the-architect-should-be-shot "what was he thinking?" styling of the inHumanities building. So I kept getting lost in the building because it was both buildings, yet neither building at the same time.

Just for the record, I adore mid-century modern architecture, but the abomination that is the inHumanities building I wouldn't dignify with the title of "mid-century-modern." I don't know what it is really...it's like a 7-story rectangular donut with all this empty space in the center, so it takes forever to get from one end of it to the other (and this is on a campus where space is very precious due to it being on a lake it can't expand in that direction). The art classrooms and studios are on the top two floors, naturally, those are the disciplines that involve the most schlepping of stuff (brilliant). And not all elevators go to the top either. What a great metaphor.


Even stranger about the 7 story dounut is the wasted first 2 levels that are caved in to make the building look like it is magicly balanced like a balancing rock. Lots of steel to hold up all of the limestone and concrete - tons of wasted space.

It is strange that you are having a time theme around the undergraduate years with buildings and people. Sort of like time travel.

Posted by stanley @ 06:19:2006:09:11 PM CST

"It is strange that you are having a time theme around the undergraduate years"

No, this dream was not based on that. This dream was a hybrid of graduate school and high school, hence the multiple stories in the building. No undergraduate one-stories here. The previous dream I had involved someone who reminded me of someone from undergraduate school.

Posted by Ann @ 06:20:2006:10:17 AM CST

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