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06:18:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM with Er*ct*on"

DREAM with Er*ct*on

Aaargh...I really should write down my dreams right after I have them. Now I can't remember my dream from the previous night too well...something to do with Stan's half-sister, _a_i_. She and I were in a kitchen looking at Italian food to fix or something. But I'm not really sure if that's it. I know there were other things I dreamt about then too, as well as last night, but I can't remember them. Last night I do remember a very strange dream that is hard to explain. I was in a dark place, like an auditorium, with a lot of other people. I was on a concrete ledge with a rather steep (4 feet or more?) falloff onto the next level. There was a young woman...late teens/early 20s with light short blonde hair...no one I recognized. She was pushing a wheelchair and I *think* the man in the wheelchair was Stan's biodad. She went to the edge of the dropoff and kept pushing the wheelchair until he fell off the edge. As he was falling, the chair turned into what looked like a stroller, and the young woman kept holding it as it fell to the level below. The old guy was not hurt, although I thought he would be. Then people were lining up in rows on the floor of that upper level, sitting cross-legged. I couldn't find anywhere to sit, so I sat between two rows of people. There was a guy there who reminded me a bit of someone Stan and I knew in college who painted a picture in our painting class of his girlfriend with her nipple popping out of her bra (it was very askew and seemed to be placed on the breast just so it could be "out" of the bra and was not realistic in the way a nipple would pop out of a bra in real life, even though this guy was striving for it to be realistic) and brought all his non-art-major dork guy friends over to see it and they haw-hawed over it. Thing is, he seemed to have several girlfriends, each brunettes with one eyebrow a piece, and we couldn't figure out which one it was supposed to represent. I'd be a bit insulted if Stan painted me that way, personally, not because it showed nudity...I've painted him and myself *fully* nude before, but because it had an intentionally popping askew nipple--which is just idiotic, so I can only imagine what she thought when she finally saw it. Yet I digress...but just wanted to write a background on the person who the guy in this dream reminded me of. Anyway, the guy in the dream was wearing a turquoise green color loose-fitting drawstring cotton pants, similar to scrubs, but rougher texture. He couldn't find a place to sit either, so he sits down right in front of me so that he's almost in my lap. This gets him excited, and he tells me so, and moves in such a way so that I could see that he was in fact, aroused. Very much so. Behind me and to my left there is an overly-tanned blonde woman who although she is younger than me (maybe late 20s or early 30s--which is what I suspect the guy's age to be as well), she looks older than me in a haggered lifestyle too many wrinkles and whiskey sort of way, plus, she looks late 20s/early 30s in sort of an 80s way, not a 2006 way. She makes some comment to the effect that "she probably doesn't know what that is" suggesting that I'm an unexperienced virgin and didn't know what the mountain in his pants was. For some odd reason, I'm especially timid in this dream...usually in dreams I tell people like that to %*@# themselves...or maybe even pound on them. I wanted to tell her that I've been in the same longterm relationhip since 1982, I oughta know what "that" was. But instead I just kept quiet and ignored the dumb bitch.


This sounds like a lot of material that would be in a college collage of experiences. That was a fun time of life, and there were some very jerkey people do deal with too.

Strange that you would dream about my bio dad. I wonder if he were to pass away if he would then be reincarnated as a child one of my sisters would have - not from the two that are his kids though - would't that be strange. My bio dad reincarnated as my nephew???

Posted by stanley @ 06:18:2006:01:02 PM CST

Huh? I'm confused. Reincarnated as a child one of your sisters would have, but not the two sisters that...oh...I think I understand, you mean a child that potentially M_r_i_ or _a_i_ would have? Well, I don't think M_r_i_ will have more kids, but of course we didn't think she'd have the last one. LOL And as far as _a_i_, who knows?

Posted by Ann @ 06:18:2006:01:06 PM CST

so ... what room of your house do you hang your nude potraits in? wink

Posted by greenthumb @ 06:19:2006:01:17 PM CST

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