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06:16:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM Snippets"

DREAM Snippets

I was walking in some neighborhood near where our vets are. Lucifer Sam was off his leash but he was staying by me pretty well. Sometimes he would take off with another dog (I remember a Collie and an English Bulldog/American Bulldog mix), but he would come back when called. It did freak me out a little.

I was at a museum looking into one of those glass diarama displays and this is hard to explain, but it was as if I could see myself in the glass (not in the display, but a reflection of myself in the glass, but more 3D than a reflection is) and it was as if I was Syd Barrett, and I was still young (as Syd, not as me). (This probably has to do something with our half-serious conversation last night, Stan)

I was with some other people sitting at a table and I was wrapping up some package to ship. It was a horribly poor packing job and not in a proper padded envelope either. It was if I used a cardboard box that enclosed something like breakfast cereal, folded it over, put stuff inside it, and then plastered it all over with tape, except the tape wasn't all tape; some of it was those colored small plastic ziplock bags that I use to send out my Bali beads--they were sticky like tape and I was using them. I remember there was a pen sticking out of the package and I was furiously trying to tape it down.


Furiously trying to tape down the pen with sticky plastic colored bagies?

It sounds a little like the gif I sent you from my job, where you would be so furiously trying to tape it down and become so frustrated that your arms would grind down to bloody nube and you would thrash your head at the pen and baggies in a last extention burst of frustration until you eyeballs would fly out of your head and then you would collaps into a bloody pile on to the still erect pen with sticky baggies randomly stuck to all over your head.

As for Syd - I have wondered if you and Syd Barrett might be from the same dharmic pool in the bardo. (not sure if I spelled those right)

Posted by stanley @ 06:16:2006:08:44 PM CST

Geez...you spell "bardo" and "dharmic" correctly, yet somehow manage to mutilate "nubs" and "extinction" and "collapse."

Re: Syd: Are you suggesting I may have some incapacitating mental problems? angry, grr

But seriously...me and Syd? confused


Posted by Ann (NOT Coulter) @ 06:16:2006:08:49 PM CST

Not "mental problems" the creatitivity and I think if Syd had avoided overdosing in the drug experiments he was apparently doing to him self he would not have had the level of "mental problems" that he has lived with.

You both have vivid and prolific creative imaginations and that's what I mean by having something in common.

Posted by stanley @ 06:16:2006:08:53 PM CST


Makes me want to go paint now.

Posted by Ann (NOT Coulter) @ 06:16:2006:08:55 PM CST

I hope I'll feel that way again someday too.

Posted by stanley @ 06:16:2006:08:57 PM CST

Well, we should just go DO IT.

Fuck the detractors.

Posted by Ann @ 06:16:2006:08:58 PM CST

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