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06:13:2006 Entry: "Ann : Star Trek Kids and Aging Boomer DREAM"

Star Trek Kids and Aging Boomer DREAM

I had dreamt that there had been something on the news that it was going to be "Star Trek Day" at East High School (the school that is fairly close by). I look out the window the next morning and see all these kids walking by in these goofy costumes, nothing that really looks like Star Trek. Stan was out back working on the car or in the garden and I tell him about it, that he really should take a look at all the costumes going by. For some reason, we had a sliding glass door on our house. In fact, it didn't look like our house much at all. I saw one guy who was sort of dressed up as "Q" and he was carrying some large box, and (dream logic) in it was something called "The Entity". There were some girls dressed up as Little Bo Peep. I was wondering what the hell that was about...there weren't any Bo Peeps in Star Trek...or were there?

Then my dream warped into something else. I was in a classroom with aging baby boomers (older than me...in their fifties). I have no idea what we were there for. They were all talking about how unsophisticated they were on the computer, and I was telling them about my years of Mac experience. For some reason I had a whole bunch of my plastic bead bins with me, and I had to get back home but it was going to be hard to carry all of them. Then one of the boomers offered me a ride home, but it was sort of one of those uncomfortable situations. Fortunately, I woke up before I got to the actual ride part.


I forgot part of the Start Trek costume part of the dream. Stan and I were saying that if we were in high school when they were having that, that we would consciously NOT dress up as Star Trek characters, and just wear our regular clothes.

Ew. Reminds me of &!%$#'s Star Trek dinner parties.

Posted by Ann (NOT Coulter) @ 06:13:2006:07:22 PM CST

Hate the dinner party, but love the "Q".

Posted by stanley @ 06:13:2006:07:39 PM CST

Q was great because he was like a manifestation of all the people who don't like Star Trek. So you couldn't totally hate Star Trek if you liked Q, which is a strange paradox.

Posted by Ann (NOT Coulter) @ 06:13:2006:07:43 PM CST

"Q" allowed the show to explore paradox, which put the show well above most si-fi junk. I think somewhere in the writers or owners they wanted to put a stop to the high level material, and maybe it bothered some of the fans too.

It is unfortunate that lazy thinking and general stupidity won out and the parodox material was dropped way before it was fully explored. It did make leave us with a few episods I would like to see again - only the "Q" material shows.

Posted by stanley @ 06:13:2006:07:49 PM CST

By Ann @ 10:26 AM CST:06:13:06 ..::Link::..

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