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06:12:2006 Entry: "Stan : Strange gas"

Strange gas

smile I had a strange experience at a gas station today. I made my purchase with the credit card at the pump and what should have been over $50 of gas turned out to be a little over $5. This is gas at 1940s prices, and I think something had to be wrong with the pump. I didn't want bad karma (pun, but seriously), so I went into the store and showed my recipt to the clerk and explained that the amount was wrong. He looked at and told me that it was right, so I said "Thank you" and left. I will have to watch my credit card bill, because if it was wrong and they try to fix it later who knows how messed up it could get. I tried to help them see the great deal I was getting on gas and wanted them to fix the problem for me, but oh well....this must be as good as it gets. smile


Kinda makes up for our towing and car repair bills.

You're not quite Even Steven yet though. It'll take a lot of fill-ups at that defective pump to be Even Steven.

And I found that 20 odd cents on the ground at Midwest Engine repair lot yesterday too.


Posted by Ann (NOT Coulter) @ 06:12:2006:07:32 PM CST

Do these things have any cosmic meanings?

Posted by stanley @ 06:12:2006:07:34 PM CST

Maybe you only got 1.5 gallons of gas instead of the approx 17 gallons you thought you were getting. Better watch for the "low on gas" light to come on!

Posted by greenthumb @ 06:13:2006:05:12 PM CST

It took too long to fill the tank to only be 1.5 gallons.

Posted by stanley @ 06:13:2006:07:37 PM CST

By Stan @ 07:26 PM CST:06:12:06 ..::Link::..

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