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06:08:2006 Entry: "Ann : Boring Update"

Boring Update

I've been pretty negligent in writing lately. It's just that there's so much to do, and frankly, not a hella lot to write about. I can't even remember dreams lately. Last night...something about bugs?

Great weather. Great flowers. Raising Monarch caterpillars. Tim's in town working, but gets sick a lot. Stan's job has improved immensely now that it's just him and another worker. I won't write about my whacko ebayer after all because she left good feedback. Tornado warning a couple nights ago, but the weather here was beautiful. Took pictures of some nasty but beautiful thunderheads but they didn't turn out...too flat looking, not enough color.

See? Boring. No one wants to read this stuff.

I want to rant on about certain political topics, but that would take time away from my creative pursuits, which are more important right now. But, how many innocent Iraqi civillians had to die before we got Al-Zarqawi?

Oh, yeah, and I figured something out. I think Stan and I probably discussed hypothetically if there was such a thing as an anti-christ, it would be female, essentially the opposite of Christ (or did I just dream I discussed this with Stan...did I actually hear it discussed somewhere else by someone else and it was actually something I'd been thinking myself, so I just attributed it to Stan? whatever...). Anyway, I figured out who the anti-christ is: Ann Coulter.


Actually not boring. I have been wondering how it was going with Tim.

Posted by Nikolas @ 06:08:2006:04:26 PM CST

Last week he had a virus, last night he had a bad headache. It sucks that he can't get disability because the special ed kids he works with makes him sick all the time. He has to work, though because otherwise he wouldn't be able to afford the medications he has to take for his various problems. The healthcare setup in this country sucks, but you probably already heard that.

Posted by Ann @ 06:08:2006:04:45 PM CST

More about Ann Coulter: For someone who has stated she is not a fan of the first amendment, she sure uses it to her advantage, spewing her vitriol. I bet if the 1st amendment disappeared tomorrow, republicans would be the first to shut HER up (she's got to be an embarrassment to them).

Hey, look at the initals:
Anti Christ
Ann Coulter.

Posted by Ann @ 06:08:2006:06:06 PM CST

Republicans have been so self absorbed that they can't help but embarrase themselves - somehow it doesn't look like this condition is going to change anytime soon. They've put all of these arrogant mouthpiece people out in the public eye and they are so full of themselves even the republicans can't pull them back in.

Is it possible that Ann Coulter may be another hill billy herion user like Rush? Maybe someone is giving Ann Coulter injections of meth just like Hitler??? hehe

As for the conversation about the Anti-christ I think you might have had a dream, and Ann Coulter may truly be at least some sort of Anit-Christ.

I guess if she really is the Anti-Christ she will have her enemies put to death and her followers will be gathered to gether (instead of her being put to death and her followers scattering).

Posted by stanley @ 06:08:2006:07:26 PM CST

She must use drugs, how else do you think she keeps her mannish figure?

Posted by Ann (NOT Coulter) @ 06:08:2006:07:32 PM CST

Instead of "boring" think "pleasant routine."

Posted by greenthumb @ 06:13:2006:05:14 PM CST

By Ann @ 10:22 AM CST:06:08:06 ..::Link::..

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