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06:03:2006 Entry: "Stan : 'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 4: Land Visions part 4: Revisiting the Most Beautiful Place on Earth)"

'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 4: Land Visions part 4: Revisiting the Most Beautiful Place on Earth)

The dessert south west is a land filled with extraordinary beauty and I think Ann and I would like more chances to travel there when and if we can have time. When I was 25 years old we took a road trip through Utah and saw many places like Zion, Bryce and Arches. We also went swimming in the Great Salt Lake and saw many more beautiful landscapes driving on that road trip.

When we went to Arches we hiked on several of the paths and by the time we made it to the path where the unexpected had happened to me over 10 years earlier Ann was too tired to walk. She stayed in the car and I walked by myself on this path where I had the same sort of experiences as if momentarily walked through another time and place. This was the second time this happened to me on the same path and I think there may be something wonderful and almost supernatural in that land.

Eighteen years later Ann and I wanted to return to Arches, and this time I decided to tell her how I had the 2 experiences walking on a certain path. We walked together on the path in 2005 and I found that I had a lot of uncertainty as to where the exact location was on the path that made me feel like I was in another land. I tried standing in a few places where I thought it might have happened without any success. Eventually I found what I thought was the approximate location, and it was beautiful clear day with no wind or sand blowing in that location. Before we left the park a few hours latter ended up walking through a very strong wind with a lot of blowing sand on a different path, but all of our experiences that day were part of a very ordinary day in a beautiful land.

When Ann and I went looking for the mysterious spot on the path I may have been wrong about the specific location. As best I could find that day I thought it was a little west of a small juniper tree, but in my memory now we should have been looking a little east of that tree. We missed it and were completely unable to find any experiences that might have caused us to feel we’ve stepped into another kind of space, but for me this area around the small tree is the most beautiful place on earth. When we turned around looking in all directions there seemed to be some sort of spacial illusion happening. All of the surrounding rock formations are at different distances, but somehow they appear to surround that space making it look like we were standing inside of a circle. It seems as if the area around the small juniper tree in the center of an incredibly beautiful land.


I guess weird stuff just happens. If you try to look for it, it won't happen. It has to be spontaneous.

It's a shame about Utah, such a beautiful land taken over by PPs, RFs and RWZs. But that's OK...Wisconsin is beautiful too in its own ways and it doesn't have much of the above, just negligible trace amounts.

Posted by Ann @ 06:06:2006:12:12 PM CST

Wisconsin is a very beautiful land and I enjoy the changing seasons here very very much.

Posted by stanley @ 06:06:2006:09:41 PM CST

And you wanted to be my Latex Salesman, Biff. Still got $8 in your wallet?

Posted by Jerry Seinfeld eats Breakfast Cereal @ 06:06:2006:09:47 PM CST

$8 big grin

Posted by stanley @ 06:07:2006:08:29 PM CST

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