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06:16:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Poison Ivy"

DREAM: Poison Ivy

Just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating (well, actually, I guess I was, I mean that's the whole point of dreaming, right?), I checked the As It Happens web site and sure enough, they did have a spot about Poison Ivy this morning. So the radio I was listening to was affecting my subconscious for this dream:

I dreamt that I was with some people who had poison ivy that was in concentrated pill form, that was supposed to be hallucinogenic. They were saying that if you took it, you would hallucinate, but the poison ivy wouldn't make you itch if you swallowed it. It didn't look like a pill or a capsule, but instead a weird small triangular-shaped thing with metal attached to it. I did take one of the pills, but then worried because I've had problems with allergic lip swelling in my past, and I was freaked out I would have a major itchy breakout on my lips, mouth and inside, so I spit as much of it out as I could.


Radio induced dream imagery.

Posted by stanley @ 05:31:2006:09:15 PM CST

By Ann @ 22:06 PM CST:06:16:06 ..::Link::..

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