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06:13:2006 Entry: "Ann : Travel Center DREAM"

Travel Center DREAM

I dreamt I was at one of those "Bosselman Travel Centers" (oh boy, here come the google searches) like the kind you come across in the midwest on a major highway or interstate. In case you're a coastal creature with a suitcase full of frequent flyer miles and never had the pleasure of stopping at one of these, it's sort of like a cross between a convenience store/gas station/truck stop/game arcade. They're not as bad in the morning, but as the day wears on, they are best avoided. Personally, the rest areas provided by the DOT along the interstate are fine by me, but in case you must have black granite tile instead of standard issue concrete on the bathroom floors, and have a major hankering for mass quantities of beef jerky and cheesey arcade games, and enjoy seeing the Dekes and Delberts and scary women who hang out at these places (they're travelling...why are they spending long periods of time there? OK, don't ask) then these Travel Centers are up your alley. Anyway, to get back to the dream, I was at one of these places with Stan and some other guy...Tim? Bill? Who knows. We were sitting in a food court and eating and I needed to use the restroom, so I leave them, thinking it'll only take a few minutes. There is a huge line that has no order to it, women just hanging out there who don't even seem to be in line. I'm waiting and waiting, and have half a mind to leave and go back to the guys and find a restroom down the road somewhere. But instead I wait. I finally get a turn at a room, which is a bit disturbing. As I enter the stall, I realize inside there are doors to other stalls, all of which were empty. I can't find a place to set my stuff, so my purse and bags fall to the very dirty, wet ground. I start to cuss. Although I can't remember this part of the dream too well, I eventually leave and find my way back to Stan, hoping he's still there and hasn't reported me to the missing person's bureau. I don't know what happened to the other male we were with at this time. Then Stan and I are walking in the travel center, and it looks more like a museum. We get on a very large elevator with a bunch of other people, one of whom I recognize as someone we used to know (&i%@#). She is there with another women, who didn't look familiar to me, who had short dyed blonde hair. &i%@# recognizes us and acts like we're still friends. Also in the elevator is a bunch of people who are part of a large family gathering. One thing I've noticed is that people with big families have this way of acting very pompous and proud when gathered with said family in public areas (there is probably an Darwinian evolutionary explanation for this, kind of like a big ape beating on its chest exclaiming "I am a big breeder!" Woe to all you small breeders as my family is larger than yours, and you will either be bred with a member of my large family, or killed by them!"). The matriarch of this family is acting very pompous like that, pointing out all the people in the elevator and stating they are a member of her family (even though neither Stan nor I were, nor was &i%@# or &i%@#'s blonde friend). &i%@# looks at me and starts to laugh at the matriarch's foolish comments. Then &i%@# starts to make out with her blonde friend. Stan and are are whispering to eachother about the annoying matriarch and laughing about it, and I'm thinking that &i%@# will probably think I'm laughing about and whispering to Stan about her and her gal pal, however that wasn't the case, in fact I could care less about her indiscriminatory nymphomania as long as it didn't get close to us.


I think &i%@# has some serious mental disorders going on and it would'nt matter if they were in a large family or a small one they would still be very dangerous.

Going on a trip now sounds like lots of fun, and it would be good to see Tim or Bill again soon.

Posted by stanley @ 05:30:2006:08:34 PM CST

&i%@# had nothing to do with the matriarch of the large family in the elevator. In fact, she thought the matriarch was as absurd as we did. I wish you would go back and re-read it. She was just incidentally there.

Posted by Ann @ 05:30:2006:08:38 PM CST

Thank you for clarifying - I was thinking they were related...Sorry.

Posted by stanley @ 05:30:2006:08:41 PM CST

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