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06:12:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Murderous Dog Owner"

DREAM: Murderous Dog Owner

I had a little puppy that I think was a Boston Terrier. It was very small, and I realized I had had it a few days and still hadn't taken it to the vet for its first check-up. Then Stan and I were driving near what appeared to be State Street, but much more run down with more junkies and tweakers. I had the puppy on my lap in the car. This area had herds of college students who crossed in front of cars (just like the real State Street). We were on some side street or alley trying to cross the road and there were a couple of young female students who just wouldn't budge in front of our car. Stan put on his brakes, almost hitting one of them, but her friend put her arm out to stop her from walking into our car. They stared at us and we stared back. Then they acted really incensed that we were trying to cross the road, and then they started making fun of us and pointed at me and said "she looks deformed." I had had it with these idiots, so I give the puppy to Stan and told him to hold it, that I had to take care of something. Somehow I got ahold of a knife, and I stabbed one or both of these girls, killing them. I was pretty nonchallant about it, despite what I had done. I guess I didn't care. Stan then left the car with the puppy and we headed on foot to a nearby basement apartment where we supposedly lived. It was quite a hovel. I was holding the puppy again, and it was morphing by the minute from a Boston Terrier to a light brown/cream colored rat. Its eyes were watery and it was acting weak. I stroked its fur and noticed it had flea bites. I also noticed it had a sore on the top of its head and water was coming out of it. I remembered I hadn't pottied or fed it for a while, but didn't know where to take it to potty since it was all concrete all around us. I was worried that the thing was going to die.


That's so sad about the puppy.

Posted by stanley @ 05:27:2006:09:21 PM CST

But not about the fact I murdered people? LOL

Posted by Ann @ 05:27:2006:09:23 PM CST

It's the puppy part that's really sad, but I suppose there should be a little concern for the people too.

Posted by stanley @ 05:28:2006:05:02 PM CST


The puppy was sad.

The bitches weren't.

hehe wink

Posted by Ann @ 05:28:2006:05:03 PM CST

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