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06:11:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Sex Change Plato"

DREAM: Sex Change Plato

I dreamt Plato was having puppies (Plato is our neutered male Boston Terrier). I don't know if he actually popped any, but I was looking at him and it was very disturbing because it was as if the placenta was on the outside of his body, but it wasn't all bloody and mucousy and gross, it was fur-covered...I can't really explain this too well...and it was hanging from his nether regions. I could see the puppies through the placenta, but they didn't look like pups, they looked like rodents. Cute rodents, though.


Plato is a very caring dog and would make a good mother if he were female and unfixed.

Posted by stanley @ 05:26:2006:07:52 PM CST

my dog had pups on the 24th. weird. only one made it; she's doubled in size!

Posted by dawn @ 05:30:2006:11:47 PM CST

I probably had this dream because I read about your dog, Dawn!

Posted by Ann @ 05:31:2006:10:15 AM CST

thats so funny! she is cute- has a squished face tho, doesn't look a thing like her mother (or the supposed father) hmmm... my dog's a slut, lol!

Posted by dawn @ 06:01:2006:07:37 PM CST

Maybe she's part Pug!

Posted by Ann @ 06:01:2006:09:35 PM CST

By Ann @ 21:54 AM CST:06:11:06 ..::Link::..

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