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06:03:2006 Entry: "Ann : Stinky Ego Emissions"

Stinky Ego Emissions

Yesterday Stan and I were driving to Shopko (on Shopko Drive...seriously...there is a Shopko Drive in Madison) to see if I could find any new frames for my new prescription (I did, BTW...w/Pink Rhinestones or CZs even.). As we were nearing the entry to the parking lot, a little importy speedy sporty car whips around us and pulls into the parking lot ahead of us. Oooh, we were going Soooooo slow and we were such a hindrance to their immediacy to Shopko. Obviously, they weren't driving one of the newer VWs that claim in their latest commercials advertising a new unpresumptuous VW, "Lowest Ego Emissions". So we pull in to the parking lot and I watch the driver emerge, expecting to see some young arrogant asshole. WRONG! It was an old guy, sort of crumpled over, skinny, grey hair, near my dad's age. Well, maybe a little younger. Quite a shock. In the VW ad, people are speaking their "ego emissions" with megaphones, such sayings like "Because I make more money than you...because I make more money than you...," and "Because I'm compensating for my shortcomings...because I'm compensating for my shortcomings...". But they forgot one. If I were producing the ad, I'd definitely have one of the ego emissions say: "Because I still think I'm in high school...because I still think I'm in high school..."


I like that one a lot and it seems to be a very frequently occuring ego emission.

Posted by stanley @ 05:23:2006:07:13 PM CST

Totally unrelated to everything: Watched a documentary from Wisconsin and Madison. I have NEVER seen so much "typical" norwegian stuff in my entire life - stuff one seldom see in Norway actually, like teenagers dancing folkdances or trolls and all this folklore painting and such.

Posted by Nikolas @ 05:24:2006:09:04 AM CST

LOL Actually, it's not much like that in *Madison* the city itself...it's much more urban and cosmopolitan here. But you get that A LOT in the outlying areas, the smaller towns. It's just chocked to the brim with it, like a town maybe 15 miles or so (? stan?) southeast of here named Stoughton has a Syttende Mai (sp?) celebration every year. And another town, Mount Horeb (I call it Mount Horrible, although it does have a one-of-a-kind Mustard Museum which I like) which is about 20 miles (?) southwest of here is known for its trolls. Carved trolls line the streets everywhere. I hate trolls.

It's strange how some Europeans who settled in America actually celebrate more of their traditions than do the Europeans who stayed in Europe.

It would've been interesting to see the documentary you saw, just to see how accurate it is in portraying Madison, because really, if Madison itself was like as you describe, I would've moved. wink I'm not into that twee part of northern/central Euroopean culture at all.

Posted by Ann @ 05:24:2006:09:38 AM CST

Syttende Mai = 17. may = the norwegian national day.

From the documentary I got the impression that all the americans interviewed thought that norwegians are dressed in "bunad" and live in timber huts and dance folkdance in their sparetime wink

However, an american guy who had studied in Lillehammer, Norway, was surprised how "americanized" Norway was, culturally. And (unfortunately) it is. Most everything on tv is actually american, so is most of the movies. One has to look real good to find a frence or italian movie - I remember driving around for weeks in search for The postman (not the Kevin Costner movie but Il Postino).

Posted by Nikolas @ 05:24:2006:04:06 PM CST

What is bunad?

Americans in general seem to have a weird impression of the way a lot non-USA cultures live. In fact, they even have weird impressions of the way other Americans live. Like when I came here, because I came from Colorado, everyone asked me if I skied. Like everyone who lives in Colorado skis (NOT). And when I told them I didn't, they didn't know what to say. I don't know what causes this narrowmindedness. It's rampant among the wealthy and poor alike, so it doesn't really correlate to how well-travelled one is.

Personally, I wish American would adopt the more secular ways of contemporary Europe. There's too many religious cult freaks in this country (especially out west). Like the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints...offshoot of the Mormon Church)...they're like America's version of the Taliban.

Posted by Ann @ 05:24:2006:04:57 PM CST

This is bunad:


Just click on the map to see some examples.

About having weird impressions about how other people live, it's the same here. Like one seem to believe that people from the north know everything about fishing and fishingboats.

Posted by Nikolas @ 05:25:2006:06:29 AM CST

It looks like random pictures are selected each time I click the map. There was a bloke in one of them wearing a tophat and looked rather Victorian England. But most of those costumes crazy crazy crazy I don't know, maybe I can't stand that kind of dress because my mom gets into that stuff (not Norwegian, but another European county). I mean I have nothing against celebrating one's heritage, but I'm not into it personally.

As for the people in the documentary you watched that think people in Norway still dress like that, it's like their ancestors came over to America in the 1830s or something and maybe dressed that way, so it leaves them with the impression that that's the way they the dress in Norway, not realizing times have changed. It's like they can't get beyond what they see is a pinnacle of importance in their heritage, and to make it full circle with the original entry, it's a similar affliction like the people who still think they're in high school!

Posted by Ann @ 05:25:2006:09:45 AM CST

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