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05:22:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM in a large city with plastic fork"

DREAM in a large city with plastic fork

Kind of a hard dream to expain. I was in the company of some guy that I don't know, I think. He looked Asian, and from the looks I certainly didn't know him, yet at the same time he gave sort of an indication that it was &@#d*. So I have no clue. Anyway, we were supposedly in downtown Chicago or Denver, but it looked more like Madison near State Street....sort of where the Overturd Center is. Except it was a larger area, like a larger city. I have this large city reocurring dream motif where I'm walking down streets looking for some place I'm supposed to meet people, and the streets are turning into odd railway yards, and the buildings turning into train cars, and the atmosphere is very circusy. I think this guy and I were supposed to meet Stan at some Asian restaurant. We kept walking and walking and I was afraid we'd never find where we were supposed to go, but we finally did, and Stan was there. We had black plastic utensils that were very wide, yet made of very thin plastic. I started to pull a tab across the seam on the fork, like to open it, instead I tear all the way around the edge of the fork which splits the fork in two, leaving me with two paper thin fork shapes, useless. Stan and I laughed at that, but the Asian guy/former friend/whoever he was didn't find it amusing.

I think I also had a dream about the house we lived in on Grant Street, but I can't remember what happened.


Last night before I went to sleep I was remembering our cat Vladimier and living in that house. That was the happiest time for him and I remember him running over someone who was visiting us at that house years ago. He just ran across the room and up his left leg and over his left sholder in a flash. Of course the guest felt his hind claws and was very mad at the cat. I was yelling at Vladimier for being a bad cat and now I feel guilty about repermending our cat. I think Vladimier saw something in the guest which we didn't see much later - something very disturbing and sad.

Our pets can see so much more than we can in other people sometimes.

Posted by stanley @ 05:22:2006:08:32 PM CST

Yeah, but sometimes pets aren't such a good barometer. Plato liked him. But then again, Plato bit your mom, so maybe Plato's barometer is off.

Posted by Ann @ 05:22:2006:08:44 PM CST

Plato may have felt his sorrow, but in the case of my mom he was being overly defensive.

Posted by stanley @ 05:22:2006:09:08 PM CST

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