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05:18:2006 Entry: "Ann : California House DREAM"

California House DREAM

I dreamt that Stan and I bought an affordable (say what?) house in Calfornia, somewhere outside of LA in the hills (not sure where). The reason it was affordable (to us, that is, which means that would probably buy you a storage shed in California) was because it was so 70s and no one wanted that outmoded style, especially the cheap, dark woodwork. Also, I think it was because we had to clear out all the stuff from the people that previously lived there, because it was closing day and it looked like it was still being lived in (although that was the same condition with our house and somehow they managed to move 17 years worth of stuff out of it before moved in the next morning).

This house, despite the fact it had that sort of cheap dark-brown stained woodwork, and despite the fact it was just one story with a basement was so cool! (I don't think they have basements in California, do they?) It wasn't a boring layout like my parents' which is living area/kitchen/dining on one side, and tiny bedrooms & bath down a skinny hallway on the other (like a double-wide, except w/all brick and a basement), instead it was more square in layout (as opposed to rectangular) which provided a little more interest in floorplan arrangement. It had three bedrooms with good windows for lots of plants. There was one bedroom because of the placement in the house appeared it could only have one side with windows, but it had two. This confused me, so I walked around to the other side somehow and discovered a little utility room between the bedrooms which somehow (now this is dream logic) allowed them to have more window space because some of the bedroom windows opened up into the utility room which was very sunny because its outside wall was nothing but windows. Stan and I were both so in love with this house, and I was thinking that if we move there I will restart my art career in California. Then as we were about to leave, the people showing us the house (even though we already bought it), who were a couple young guys, showed us something really cool on the ceiling. They were skylights that were hidden by wood panelling that opened like a camera shutter with a remote control. We were just in awe, and still amazed that this house was affordable with this feature and all the space and windows.

I watch too many "House Hunter" shows. it's creeping into my subconscious.


Lots of house dreams and this one sounds very wild. I really want to see the camera shutter skylights - sounds great.

Posted by Stan @ 05:18:2006:08:00 PM CST

By Ann @ 09:15 AM CST:05:18:06 ..::Link::..

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