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05:10:2006 Entry: "Ann : The Crazies"

The Crazies

This is something I've suddenly taken notice of a lot lately. Someone with a personality disorder (what a euphemism, eh?) will accuse you of doing something or being at fault for something that they in fact do themselves and that you have no part in?

For example, and these are fictitious examples, but they do illustrate the point:

Contessa loves chocolate to an excess and is always sneaking into the break room at work to rip off some candy bars from the charity candy vending box. She walks into the breakroom where they are having a going-away party, with cake, for Loretta, who will be travelling to Nepal. Nervous about leaving her job, friends and travelling so far, she cannot eat any of the cake. "Oh, come on, have a piece," says Mr. Phelps the boss. "No, I really can't, maybe later..." says Loretta. "Well, maybe if you weren't always eating those charity candy bars you don't pay for, you'd have an appetite," says Contessa.

Female workers at Widgets Inc. like to steer clear of Patrick because he's been known to make sexual advances and rude remarks to the women. One day, he is in the executive district manager's office and they are discussing a new pricing structure. He sees fellow-worker Harvey outside of the office window laughing and talking with Meghan. He tells the district manager that Harvey is probably harassing the ladies again.

Otis checked his email and much to his dismay, were a bunch of threatening emails. He traced the ISP and found out it was the same as Ivan's, his former roommate, that caused him many problems online before. The next day, Otis receives an email from Ivan, telling him that if he doesn't stop sending him (Ivan) the threatening emails, he will report Otis to the police!


Then there's something else I just noticed. I guess a lot of people have absolutely no experience with crazy people at all, so when someone tells them about something a crazy person did, they don't believe them because why would someone do something like that (unless they're crazy)?


The medical supply delivery man, Murphy, walks into the free clinic and is met with the receptionist, Felicia, someone who he's never really gotten along with.
"Say, I haven't seen Dr. Burgher around lately," says Murphy, "what happened to him?"
Felicia glances up at Nurse Klein and they exchange strange expressions. "Um...he's not here...anymore...," says Felicia, looking over at Nurse Klein, trying to read her face to see if she should say more, "he was...removed..."
"He was a great guy," says Murphy, "treated my bunions and everything!"
"Dr. Burgher..." starts Nurse Klein, "Wasn't..."
"Wasn't?" asked Murphy.
"Wasn't a...wasn't a doctor."
Murphy just stared at the two women, his smile frozen on his face.
"He was impersonating a doctor," said Nurse Klein. Felicia nodded in agreement.
Murphy just stared, his smile slowly shrinking in disbelief.
"Why would he do that?" asked Murphy.
Because he was crazy? thought Felicia.
"Best damn bunion doctor I ever had. He even made housecalls!"
"You should call him," said Felicia.

See, Murphy doesn't believe Felicia. He doesn't believe Dr. Burgher was impersonating a doctor. He thought he *WAS* a doctor. Dr. Burgher had Murphy believing in his own web of deceit, which is easier for Murphy to believe because it is comforting. It is not comforting to think that there are people out there who would impersonate doctors. Why would they do that? It's just crazy! Exactly!


I wonder if they even know that they are doing it? (teh accusing thing)

I have been thru some wierd sh*t in my life, ok... and I will tell someone, usually a faimly member and they will ignore me or change the subject. What's up with that? Do they think I am a huge liar? Are they incapable of showing sympathy? I don't get it, but I do think that they just don't beleive me or that I am exaggerating. Who's crazy now?

Posted by dawn @ 05:11:2006:01:34 AM CST

Who hasn't accused other's for something they also do themselves (like you drink too much, you are always late, you are lazy, so on). Or is it just me. Okay wink

Posted by N @ 05:11:2006:09:45 AM CST

Dawn, oh, the change the subject thing annoys me no end. Like you're telling them about this problem that is really important in your life, and you're looking for some sympathy, understanding or maybe a discussion on the topic, and they just nod their head, say "uh huh" and change the subject. I have a friend who does it. Love him dearly, but it's annoying. I also had a grandmother who did it. In her case, it's because she couldn't hear me, but she was too proud to own up to the fact she needed a hearing aid. wink

OK, because there's not a . after your name, I know this is the *REAL* N, wink (plus your location gave it away too) so N, I know what you're saying, but those are very general kinds of accusations, and very common. I'm talking about very *specific* sorts of things. Like harrassment. Slanderous sorts of things. Stuff that would get someone in legal trouble.

But even the simple stuff is annoying too, like a family member who accuses another family member of oh, I dunno... being vain, when that's not true in the second person's case, but it is in the first person's case. Grrr. angry, grr Just an example of course.

Posted by Ann @ 05:11:2006:10:17 AM CST

I've noticed that no matter how far fetched a false accusation is and even if it is discredited there will always remain (at least a few people) who will still and always believe the lie.

As long as I work at the place I'm currently working there will always be a few people who may believe the pervert (that freak) - because he accused me of doing what he is GUILTY of doing. That freak should be in jail for life.

No matter how long I live in Madison - somewhere someone will still think - that I am some sort of Nazi.

It is difficult for people to look at the facts and see the truth when the have their trust in misguided people.

Life goes on and what goes aroung comes around - so I try not to let these things bother me too much.

Posted by stanley @ 05:11:2006:04:50 PM CST

Dawn, I've never found family members to be the best listeners, and I think they often feel uncomfortable with difficult subjects. I've always found that friendships are much better for sorting out life's more difficult problems than family.

Posted by stanley @ 05:11:2006:04:52 PM CST

"It is difficult for people to look at the facts and see the truth when the have their trust in misguided people."

Yeah. That's why we got stuck with 8 years of fascistard.

Posted by Ann @ 05:11:2006:04:55 PM CST

"fascistard" oh that is too much. I thought I was in love with fucktard, and i think this one beats it.

you need to do a cuss post, please!!

It is especially hard for me to talk to my aunts and uncles, or any one who used to be "older" than me, you know? Ones that will not accept that I am an adult, with (almost) four kids? I hate that!

Posted by dawn marie @ 05:11:2006:07:05 PM CST

Somehow get the idea that you "always" find my comments rude in some way since you have to check if I'm "me" or some psycho haunting your page wink But it's great that you bear over with me when you have checked that I'm "me" wink

Just in case: This is written by Erik Nikolas Andreassen

Posted by N @ 05:12:2006:04:55 AM CST

No, I didn't check if it was you because it was rude (it wasn't rude), I checked to see who it was you because it said "N". wink

Posted by Ann @ 05:12:2006:08:56 AM CST

N must just be lazier than me. the form doesn't remember me anymore. I think it might be my browser. it is ticking me off!

Posted by dawn @ 05:13:2006:11:37 PM CST

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