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05:10:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM with Defective Brakes"

DREAM with Defective Brakes

Weird dream where I was driving around The Fort Collins that Only Exists in my Dreams. I was on the west side of town, near where Stan and I used to live and downtown. There was a bunch of road construction with torn up roads exposing red earth beneath it, like red earth you'd see around Horsetooth or around Arches. I don't know what car I was driving, but it had defective brakes, and the car never could quite come to a complete stop. I was hoping it wouldn't get me in any accidents or meet up with any cops. One place I tried to stop at there were a bunch of construction workers with beards. I think I sort of had to wreck the car in a bunch of rubble to get it to stop altogether. It was very shady in this area. Not much sun, even though it was day.

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