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05:08:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Scott and the Lesbians"

DREAM: Scott and the Lesbians

So I'm at this interview with this guy named Scott (mid 30s-early 40s, slender, slight, 5'7" or so, dark hair styled in an outmoded Chrstian Businessman way, possibly glasses) who is trying to sell me some animation software. He has me do some simple illustrations in response to some queues (forgot whether verbal or visual), then he scans the drawings into an old Mac SE 20, which is really funny because Scott had sort of an outdated 80s look too, not in a girls just wanna have fun 80s look, but more like a my future's so bright I gotta wear shades way but in a very pathetic way at that (more like a my future's so dim I gotta hide my eyes). Like someone I might've actually had a job interview with back in those horrible days of '85. Anyway, the old Mac's screen is facing me and I'm seeing my cartoons retransformed into live animation. And it wasn't cool at all. Then some people come into the office, and I think some of the people was his family, including wife and son. He pardons himself for a minute to go talk to his wife, and the animation starts to get ugly and pornographic with animated people copulating. His son is watching this, and I don't know how to stop it as it's not my computer or software, so I'm feeling very uncomfortable since it's essentially my cartoons, although I had not drawn anything risque (it's like it took on a life of its own with his software). I forgot how this dream ended, but it was a bit disturbing.

During this time I also dreamt that I was looking at old pictures of Pink Floyd with Syd and Syd had dyed red hair. Also, I remember dreaming something about wanting to buy Bali beads from someone as I followed them out to their car or truck in a parking lot. I wanted a specific type, like silver beads with gemstones in them, but they said they don't sell them anymore because they don't get many requests for them.

Later, after waking up, I went back to sleep and had more dreams. I dreamt I was in the company of a couple lesbians...I have no idea who they were, but we were having fairly good coversations and I felt like I knew them from somewhere else (probably Fort Collins). We were at a restaurant, and then went to a mall, like the Foothills Fashion Mall. I think we were driving some strange thing that was able to manouever up the steps in the mall. I felt a bit odd because I didn't have Stan with me. I also think I dreamt about dogs.


Silver beads, Syd, dogs, lesbians and Scott - Great Scott? - who ever that is... This is getting complicated.

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