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05:05:2006 Entry: "Ann : I Swear..."

I Swear...

...People should have to pass a test before they are allowed to buy on ebay. They should have to read several different seller's instructions and answer questions about purchasing, shipping, combined shipping etc. and pass the test with 100% accuracy (because it's a no brainer to follow instructions like these) before they are allowed to sign up for ebay.

Scenario: Seller offers shipping discount for all items won within 7 days, but all items must be paid for together.

Question: You want to pay for each item as you win them. Will the discount apply?

Answer: Duh.

Scenario: Seller ship to USA, Canada and Europe.

Question: You live in Tokyo, Japan. Can you buy from this seller?

Answer: Duh.

Scenario: Seller offers PayPal only as method of payment.

Question: Can you pay with your personal check?

Answer: Duh.

Also, prospective buyer (yes, folks, it's prospective, not perspective...that's like...a buyer drawn in perspective, you know, like properly rendered and stuff) will have to be able to read invoices and find the seller's addresses (if they plan to pay by check or MO) in the invoice. Yes, there is like a novel's worth of information in those invoices (not really, but they seem to act like there's so much information to read and it's SOOoooo hard) but how else would the prospective buyer know what to do?

Sometimes I am just not in the mood for:

"I can't find your address" (well, it's right there in the damn invoice)


"why can't I combine what I just bought with what I bought before?" (because you already paid for it and I already shipped it?!?)

Just not in the mood.


i hate stupid. it would be quicker to take the effort to check on your own than ask someone else. but no. they are too lazy or dumb. i hate that.

people do that at my blog. i make fun of them. nicely of course, but i still rub it in. they make me laugh. but stupid people every where else? shouldn't be allowed to breed. there is no test for that either. we'd need a genetic test. my kids act pretty stupid sometimes. there must be stupid in the genes somewhere. *sigh*

Posted by dawn marie @ 05:07:2006:02:30 PM CST

What's really infuriating is when you explain your rules to them, and they still can't understand them, and at that point you don't know what to do because if you try to explain them more, you just end up repeating yourself over and over. It's not like you can destill the words down any more than they already are to make them plainer, because you've already done that to the best of your ability.

Posted by Ann @ 05:08:2006:09:27 AM CST

Another thing that drives me nuts is people who send you a check, and you have no idea what it is for. I specifically state to print out the ebay invoice, so I have the person's ebay name and items bought, price, etc. Now, I understand if they don't have a printer as not everyone can have every damn electronic device known to man (although *some* people think you have to if you're online) so I have one customer who writes out what she bought...that's cool. But when they leave no record of the check, or just minimal information, it's a real pain in the )*(. I just rec'd a check today, and have no idea what it is, except she did write the ebay # on it, so now I have to go through all my pages of sold items and search for the number. An ebay name would be helpful...whenever I bought through ebay from sellers who only take checks, I included as much info as possible. Some people are just lazy, I guess. I'd be too worried without the proper info, the seller would be unable to process my order correctly.

Posted by Ann @ 05:08:2006:01:54 PM CST

god people are so dumb! they gotta be self centered if they think you automatically know who they are. even when you pay bills by check and you send the bill back to them, you are supposed to put an account number on the check to ensure they get it! this is just like sending a check to the utility company, but omitting the actual bill. dipwads. there isn't a difference.

oh, and I like the )*(. never seen that one1

Posted by dawn marie @ 05:10:2006:12:10 AM CST

That's an interesting way to think of it, Dawn, that they're self-centered. I always thought it was just stupidity/ignorance/illiteracy and an inability to process any kind of the most simplest of paperwork in a business-like, orderly way. But yeah, maybe they think they'e my only customer! LOL

Boy, do I have a )*( customer from hell right now, and it may result in my first neg (I'll tell the whole story some day) just because she felt I should've refunded her shipping. WTF. You can't cave in to these people, or they'll always set a precedent with you, knowing they can push you further, and not only you, but other sellers as well.

I really want to tell her maybe she should go get her stuff at Wal-Mart next time.

Posted by Ann @ 05:10:2006:09:03 AM CST

Like I said, sometimes it's just like whack-a-mole.

I really want to play pinball in the arcade game of life, but whack-a-mole just keeps pulling me back in.

Posted by Ann @ 05:10:2006:09:05 AM CST

pushy people will push everyone around, they are so used to getting their own way. Standing up to these people is fun. They get shocked and irate when they don't get their own way. I call them bullies.

Some people I know *family members* are information bullies. If they don't like my answer to something, they will keep asking until they get what they want. "But what if", or "but but but.." It doesn't matter how you word it, the darn answer is NO. I get sucked in everytime though. At first it seems so innocent. Then bam! It hits me. So I am on my guard for this...

It's like they think if they wish it, then it should be just because they want it so. Sorry, the grass is not going to be purple tomorrow. "But it should be..." Sorry, but it just can't! My kids does this. He gets it from his grandmother. (not my mom, tho)

Posted by dawn @ 05:11:2006:01:44 AM CST

Geez, Dawn, are we secretly related or something? That sounds like my parents too. It's sort of like they can't accept the fact things are done a certain way because they want to see them done a different way, or see them done the way they were back in the days of WWII or something. Maybe they don't like it, but that's the way it is. Live with it.

Argh. I think my blood pressure is getting high when I discuss "parental things that piss me off" so I better stop. LOL

And at the risk of elevating it even more, the weirdest thing happened last night. The )*( customer did actually pay for her stuff, (under protest, of course...I'll write about the whole shebang sometime) so when I received her Paypal $ I printed out her receipt. Now my printer is upstairs, and I printed it from my laptop downstairs, so I didn't actually see it print or anything. So I'm going on with my life and everything yesterday, get another payment from someone else, print out the receipt, and get an error "printer not responding". Huh? I mean sometimes that happens if the electricity goes off, but we didn't have a power outage or anything. So I check upstairs, and the printer was OFF. There were no lights on or anything. It was completely dead, although it was still plugged in. And the last thing I printed was CUSTOMER FROM HELL's receipt. It's like with some people, once they find a way to infect your life, everything breaks. Fortunately, we "replugged" it back in and everything went back to normal (whew...can't afford a new laser printer right now), so it must've been just a weird blip in the cosmic continuum, but I know it's her fault! hehe

Posted by Ann @ 05:11:2006:10:32 AM CST

What a she-bitch! You could have sent her a bill! You could have pPrinter because it was her receipt that did it.

You know, give her a taste of her own stupid!

Posted by dawn marie @ 05:11:2006:07:08 PM CST

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