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05:04:2006 Entry: "Stan : 'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 4: Land Visions part 2: The Most Beautiful Place on Earth)"

'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 4: Land Visions part 2: The Most Beautiful Place on Earth)

Our family took a trip through Utah, and I had a remarkable experience in Arches National Park where I might have accidentally found one of those out of time - other worlds - kinds of places. Iíve recently heard that these kinds of spaces are common in the dessert southwest. Walking along one of the paths to view a stone arch I suddenly felt as if the air and land around me had transformed itself into another time and place. It was a calm sunny day, and then it was as if, with one foot step, everything momentarily changed into a darker landscape with the wind fiercely blowing sand around me. As quickly and unexpectedly as it happened this new land was gone and I was walking with my next step back into the calm sunny day.

It seemed as thought on a clear day I was suddenly in a sand storm and then back in the clear calm air again, and I momentarily felt like I was in some kind of otherness sort of space.

I continued along the path towards the arch that day with the feeling I had experienced something extraordinary. Iíve heard that many people have found places like this in the dessert south west and that Native Americans have known about these kinds of places for centuries. This happened to me around the age of 14, and what is also interesting is that it happened again a little over 10 years later while I was walking on the same path. Iíve also heard that what is now Arches National Park has always been considered a sacred place by the native Americans, and it is truly a beautiful land.


that sounds cool. good description. i saw it in my head.

Posted by dawn marie @ 05:07:2006:02:32 PM CST

sorry. nothing witty today. today I just am being.

Posted by dawn marie @ 05:07:2006:02:32 PM CST

By Stan @ 08:22 PM CST:05:04:06 ..::Link::..

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