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05:04:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM with odd yellow building"

DREAM with odd yellow building

I dreamt Stan, Tim and I were going for a ride somewhere. It was a sunny day, and we ended up by a very odd building that was colored apricot, yellow and chartreuse. It was very cheery and happy-looking from the outside. I think it was supposed to be a dairy or some kind of milk processing plant/cheesemaking utility. I turned around and Tim was slouched over, and I was afraid he was dead, but he was only sleeping. We go into the building and there were a bunch of guys moving boxes of fruit around on pallettes. Somehow I ended up on a pallette surrounded by boxes and I couldn't get out. I yell at some guy to let me get out and he gets mad at me, so I start yelling at him back. I could see Stan and Tim, and perhaps some other people who were with us walking away, but they didn't come to help me. Then I yell for Stan for him to help. I forgot what happened after that.



Posted by Stan @ 05:04:2006:08:11 PM CST

I needed your help! This guy was an *!

heh...what does the ass-terisk resemble? wink

Posted by Ann @ 05:04:2006:10:28 PM CST

By Ann @ 11:14 AM CST:05:04:06 ..::Link::..

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