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05:01:2006 Entry: "Ann : Road Construction Blues"

Road Construction Blues

From the people that brought you road construction in the same freakin' location two years IN A ROW because they couldn't get it right the first year, NOW, a freakin' WEBSITE with a 2.7 megabyte (yes, megabytes, you read correctly) picture on the FRONT PAGE! Yes! Can we say


Like, what part of "resize this image so that it loads quickly on the site" don't they understand?

Like, that picture downloads as quickly as traffic on East Washington in rush hour.

I think I know what happened.

They hired website designers to do the road construction, and they hired a road crew to work on the website.

That's gotta be it.

East Washington Dot Org. No spaces. I'm not putting a link to it. Visit at your own risk. Travel may be hazardous.


I think I'll pass. crazy

Posted by Dawn @ 05:01:2006:11:52 PM CST

I think the highway department is more powerful and corrupt than any maufia that currently exists in Wisconsin

Money, money, money, money and money.

Posted by stanley @ 05:02:2006:06:42 PM CST

Not that I acutally Know anything - I'm just talking out my #$%hole.

Posted by stanley @ 05:02:2006:06:43 PM CST

Yep, takes some time to load that image.

Posted by Nikolas @ 05:04:2006:08:32 AM CST

By Ann @ 10:03 PM CST:05:01:06 ..::Link::..

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