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05:01:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Door County?"

DREAM: Door County?

Odd dream where I was supposedly driving in Door County but the highways seemed more like I was driving down a mall, like inside a mall, but it also looked like a reoccurring place I dream about that in dream logic is south of Fort Collins. I kept stopping off at various stores and they boutiquey items like perfumes. I decided to try on a perfume. It said "clove." I can't remember it smelling all that much like cloves.


Have you ever stayed up all night and read a book, then gone to sleep? If you want some wacked out dreams I suggest trying it. I think my mind was trying to digest all that info I'd absorbed. The rest of the day if I rested my eyes my mind tried to travel to wierd dream land again. I kept telling my brain to PURGE PURGE! it was the most frantic thing I have gone thru. Just wondering if you knew what that was like.

What the heck is door country anyway? I am tired and imagined a road thru a prairie with doors every 50 feet. No buildings, just doors. LOL

Posted by Dawn @ 05:01:2006:11:56 PM CST

No, eyes don't work too well with books/reading anymore. When I have read before I sleep it doesn't seem to affect me any more than watching tv or a movie or working on my computer.

Door County is the name of the county that is on the peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan in Northeast Wisconsin. We visited there back in March. Nothing was open that time of year.

I like the image of a prairie with doors! Very surrealist...DeChiroco (sp?) /Dali.

Posted by Ann @ 05:02:2006:09:51 AM CST

Door County is the best tourist option Wisconsin has to offer. It is less tacky than the Dells and has a lot of beautiful views just by driving around and looking. Pluss there are a lot of unique and interesting things to buy in the stores which can't be found anwhere else in the world.

If you plan to be a tourist in Wisconsin Door County is the place to see.

Posted by stanley @ 05:02:2006:06:40 PM CST

Sounds cool, Stan.

I like the image too. It was very detailed. My mind is soooo wierd sometimes. Plus I read door country instead of county. So its not entirely my fault, lol.

And what's with the "stanley". Going thru a change? cool eh?

Posted by Dawn @ 05:03:2006:08:50 PM CST

Just don't go to Door County in the offseason. Nothing is open (touristy-speaking) save for a candle shop and a coffee/jam shop. So we bought jams and candles. But you can get a good rate on a hotel then, so we were lucky with that.

I want to go back there soon. I want to go to the beach. That's what's so great about the Great Lakes. It's like being at the ocean...without the salt and the seashells.

Posted by Ann @ 05:04:2006:11:09 AM CST

If I post a comment in Explorer is makes the name "Stan" and if I post a comment in Safari it maket my name "stanley".

I go by either name and different people I know will use either name, but most of the time I hear the name "Stan".

They both have always been my names.

Posted by stanley @ 05:04:2006:08:17 PM CST

By Ann @ 09:03 AM CST:05:01:06 ..::Link::..

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